According to the Democrats and liberals, there has been a silent war waged against women and the LGBTQIA+ community thanks to the ongoing efforts of the GOP, conservatives, and “toxic masculinity.” Although it was cancel culture who called for Dave Chappelle to be censored for doing nothing more than performing a joke, the debate over gender identity, sexual orientation, and transgender ideology has made it all the way to D.C.

On top of the heated debate, the leaked draft Roe v Wade decision document from the Supreme Court has caused the Democrats to accuse, yet again, Republicans of caring more about an unborn child than the rights of women. Hoping to help educate Americans on the problems facing women and the gay community, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to share her thoughts on the matter. 

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In the video, which can be watched below, AOC stated, “News is a huge part of this equation. It’s part of the larger equation of radicalization of all kinds. And, you know, like, check on the men in your life seriously. Because it just feels like there’s very few, like role models and examples of people talking about this in healthy ways. And it’s a big problem, because there are a lot of crises. And especially as we try to evolve out of a world that is predatory on women, gay, non binary and trans people.

“Because traditional regressive, you know, patriarchal values really create men’s identity in relation, create, like men’s identity, and uplift men’s identity in relation to other things in relation to like, how women treat them, how much stuff they have, et cetera. And for a very long period of time, we have been taught that trans and non binary and women are less than. As they say, in oppressive societies equality feels like oppression.”

While the above video is extremely hard to understand, the Democrat had more to say. “And so I think they’re, you know, there are a lot of structures that are having an identity crisis right now, because there is progress towards equality. But there is such a thing as healthy masculinity that is not rooted in the subjugation of other people, and that other people’s full personhood does not detract from that.”

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Not understanding fully what AOC was trying to convey or even the topic, users online wrote, “I swear she thinks she’s the most intelligent person in the room while everyone else just state at her thinking ‘how did this person survive this long being this f’ing dumb?’ Sounds like she’s been reading a dictionary and just throws a bunch of words together even though she has no understanding of said words.”

Another person added only “MK Ultra.” 

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