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Beetlejuice Declares Chicago An Abortion Oasis, Calls For An Armed Insurrection Against SCOTUS [VIDEOS]

Lori Lightfoot could already have been the worst mayor in the country. Now she seems to be trying to make her case for that title with her latest comments.

She’s previously blamed guns from out of state for Chicago, often referred to as Chiraq, for the crime epidemic in the windy city. Now she’s laying the groundwork for the ‘My body. My choice.’ crowd to flow into the city to end the lives of their unborn children because they wouldn’t make a choice for their bodies BEFORE they got pregnant.

And let us not forget the left’s state lines argument when it came to Kyle Rittenhouse helping to defend his community from a riotous mob where he ended up shooting a pedophile in self-defense.

Now Lightfoot is literally calling on the LGBTQ+ community to pick up arms and fight the Supreme Court so women can still kill their unborn babies.

Remember when Donald Trump said we need to ‘fight like hell,’ and the left tried to claim that he was being literal and attempting to incite an insurrection? What happened to that energy?

I swear, if it weren’t for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

Anyways, here’s Tucker Carlson weighing in on Lightfoot’s latest.


Tucker Carlson: So over in Chicago, Lori Lightfoot heard the message loud and clear. And you know how she responded? She has declared war, not the war that’s already going on in Chicago, where people are shooting each other in the streets. But a war for abortion. Here’s the quote ‘to my friends in the LGBTQ+ community.” She wrote, “The Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms.” Oh, so now Lori Lightfoot likes guns, and she’s vowed to use them so that Chicago can remain what she calls an abortion Oasis. Watch:

Lori Lightfoot: If you look around Chicago, we’ve got a number of states that have the so-called trigger laws that would ban abortion upon the reversal of Roe. So we’ve seen a substantial increase already. And we’re expecting, frankly, an explosion of new cases from women in Wisconsin, Missouri, potentially Michigan, Indiana. I think the list is long. And Chicago is going to be an oasis in the Midwest, and we’ve got to be ready.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah, childless Lori Lightfoot telling us that the one thing Chicago can do is commit abortion. Famous for abortions, Chicago. They need a new slogan.

If Tucker’s comments on the matter weren’t enough for you, Luke Rudkowski dives even deeper in the video below.


“To say that [The Supreme Court] is coming for [the LGBTQ community] is an absolute unhinged, crazy idea, a crazy unhinged, violent idea with the stamp of approval by the establishment and therefore allowed as speech on a big tech social media platform that essentially is condoning this larger call to arms, allowing it on their platform, and, of course, not batting an eye when jokes and satire from the opposite political perspective get censored, downranked in the algorithm, and deleted from their platforms.” – Luke Rudkowski