Two days ago, Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference not to express his condolences for the families but to show them the resources available to all victims to help cope with such a horrific tragedy. At the same time, the Republican Governor was trying to help those devastated by the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School. Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke decided it was the best moment to casually interrupt the entire conference and make the killing of 19 children and two adults a political issue. Since the shooting happened, the Democrats and even President Joe Biden pushed their agenda to ban certain assault rifles from being purchased or owned by citizens. But while the left might view this as a time to score political points, Americans and Texans aren’t having it. 

For those who might not have been aware of the confrontation, the video below shows the entire exchange and how the room turned quickly of O’Rourke. Even after being escorted out, the Democrats continued to push the agenda. “We need all Texans in this moment in time to decide to personal agendas, think of somebody other than ourselves, think of somebody who has been hurt and help somebody who has been hurt. these kids died because the governor of the state of Texas, the most powerful man in the state, chose to do nothing.”

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O’Rourke added, “After every one of these, he holds a press conference just like this – and I wish to hell when he came to El Paso that someone would have stood up and held him to account and confronted him and shocked the conscience of this state into doing something. Because if we do nothing, we will continue to see this. Year after year, school after school, kid after kid. This is on all of us, every single one of us to do something.”

One person, Drew Hernandez, caught up to the candidate and asked, “Thank you, brother. Hey, Beto. How do you feel exploiting dead kids? How do you feel exploiting dead kids? Do you care? They said they didn’t want you there. The parents in Uvalde said they didn’t want you there. What do you say to the parents I talked to that said they didn’t want you there. They didn’t want you to do that. They didn’t want you to exploit dead kids.” Take a look. 

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While the Democrats hijacked a mass shooting to help push the Democrat’s narrative, Janet Shamlian of CBS News gave a special report detailing how the exchange was planned. The reporter noted that before O’Rourke was in the room, individuals were already saving a seat for him, ensuring his presence was unknown until the cameras were rolling. 

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