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Biden Proposes a Treasonous WHO Amendments To Undermine U.S. Constitution Before Midterm Elections [VIDEOS]

Increased surveillance under Article Five would allow the WHO to do a risk assessment for a member state with a suspected health crisis. This means they can use a modeling simulation like the one that overestimated COVID-19 deaths to declare a public health emergency for that member state.

Once the WHO creates this risk assessment autocratically, they will communicate with other intergovernmental organizations and other member states to make a “go or no go” decision to issue a health mandate, which is under the complete control of the Director-General Tedros. Under this statute, he has complete authority to permit the WHO Constitution to take precedence over national constitutions.

Dr. Robert Malone: “This is a play to circumvent not only the U.S. Constitution but to circumvent the ability of states to control medical care within their domains.”


“This is one of those things that sounds like science fiction. It’s hard to believe that the President of the United States and his administration are intentionally undermining the Constitution. But that’s what it is, as far as I’m concerned, this constitutes a breach of his oath of office to defend the Constitution. As far as I am concerned, this is an impeachable offense. There has been a direct attempt with a letter on January 18, with no public awareness from the United States to the World Health Organization, proposing a series of rule changes. In parallel, there was actions in Congress that will essentially allow the President to sign a treaty without congressional authorization. Furthermore, in parallel, there was action taken in the World Health Organization to breach their normal period of review and approval for countries from an 18-month period to a six-month period. What this means is that this will get rammed through American, the American political system, and the World Health Organization before the November midterm elections. I cannot believe this is circumstance, this is intentional. They are not only trying to bypass the Constitution and undermine it through this tortured logic that public health should take preeminence over the American Constitution. But they’re doing they put a series of books and political plays in place that will allow them to do this without normal review processes, either by the nation-states and the World Health Organization or by our own Congress. It’s shocking.” Dr. Robert Malone

Joe Biden… Worst. President. Ever.

That’s all I can stand to say about this right now. Grrrr

You can see the full segment below…