With Jen Psaki leaving the White House, the new Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has already found it incredibly difficult defending the Biden administration from the horde of questions surrounding many of the problems facing America. There is the soaring gas prices, the ongoing Southern border crisis, and now the baby formula shortage. While President Joe Biden and the mainstream media try to blame it on former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, recently, Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre about inflation that led to such a meltdown that even the Australian Press couldn’t help but laugh about. 

In the video featured below, Doocy asked, “the President’s Twitter account posted the other day, ‘you want to bring down inflation, let’s make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. How does raising taxes on corporations reduce inflation?'”

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The Press Secretary answered incoherently, “So and so it’s very important that you know, as we’re seeing costs rise, as we’re talking about how to, you know, you know, build an America that safe and that’s equal for everyone and doesn’t leave anyone behind. That is an important part of that as well.”

Not entirely sure about her answer, Doocy pressed, “But how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of a used car, the cost of food for everyday Americans?”

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Showing that the Biden administration might not have a plan of action, Jean-Pierre suggested, “So look, I think we encourage those who have done very well, right, especially those who care about climate change, to support a fair tax code.”

As mentioned above, the absurdity of her comments reached all the way to Australia, where Sky News hosts mocked the Press Secretary and Biden administration. “This Administration is responsible for overseeing the world’s largest economy now. If what you just saw doesn’t scare you, then I don’t think anything will.”

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This wasn’t the first time in Jean-Pierre’s short time at the White House that her comments have caused some to question her and the Biden administration. With the news of the Disinformation Governance Board being put on “pause,” Doocy, once again, asked the Press Secretary, “do you think that board was mischaracterized then the disinformation board is being shut down because of disinformation. Is that what’s happening here?”

Not blaming the Democrats, Jean-Pierre claimed it was pausing the board due to constant attacks from the right. “Look, I mean, the board was put forth for a purpose right to make sure that we really did address what was happening across the country when it came to disinformation. It’s just going to pause. There’s been a mischaracterization from outside forces.”

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