On top of soaring gas prices, food shortages, and inflation, it appears Americans are also experiencing a baby formula crisis. Since February, one of the largest baby formula manufacturers in America, Abbott Laboratories, has had their Michigan plant shutdown due to bacteria being exposed to the formula which was said to have possibly led to the deaths of two infants.

Although an investigation has shown the exposure didn’t originate in that location, the factory remains closed. Now, as Americans are growing concerned, Republican Representative Kat Cammack posted online that the Biden administration was shipping pallets of formula not to Americans, but migrant holding facilities. 

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Making the shocking claim in the video below, Rep. Cammack admitted,  “They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border. Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula.” She added, “They’re receiving pallets and more pallets of baby formula at the border. This was taken at Ursula processing facility [in McAllen, Texas] where thousands are being housed and processed and then released.” The Republican held up a picture of what the facilities were receiving. 

Receiving multiple text messages with photos of the pallets from border agents, the conservative Representative revealed she was told, “‘Kat, you would not believe the shipment I just brought in.’ [One border patrol agen] has been a border patrol agent for 30 years and he has never seen anything quite like this. He is a grandfather and he is saying that his own children can’t get baby formula.”

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While some might view Cammack’s stance as attacking migrant families for trying to feed their children, she was sure to note that she is more upset with the Biden administration not handling the situation. “I don’t know about you, but if I am a mother, anywhere anytime in America, and I go to my local Walmart or Target or Publix or Safeway or Kroger or wherever it may be that you shop and you are seeing their shelves and you are seeing signs that you are not able to get baby formula. And then you see the American government sending by the pallet thousands and thousands of containers of baby formula to the border, that would make my blood boil.”

She concluded, “It is not the children’s’ fault at all. But what is infuriating to me is that this is another example of the America last agenda that the Biden administration continues to perpetuate.”

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Users online voice their opinion, writing, “People can’t afford gas and food and mothers can’t find formula. But illegal immigrants can get them no worries. This is what happens when #BidenBorderCrisis meets #Bidenflation and #BabyFormulaShortage.”

Another person wrote, “They are sending all the formula to the processing centers for the thousands of illegal aliens entering this country. America your babies are last.”

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