WASHINGTON, DC – It seems as though Joe Biden is again at work trying to unravel the efforts accomplished under the previous administration, with reports indicating that Biden is slated to deploy U.S. troops over to Somalia after former President Trump ordered their removal prior to leaving office.

Back in December of 2020, then-President Trump had ordered for the removal of all troops from Somalia, which the administration at the time had already been engaged throughout the past year of pulling troops out of Somalia’s cities of Bossaso and Galkayo.

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When the order was handed down by the former president, there were still approximately 700 U.S. troops settled across Kismayo, Baledogle airbase in the Lower Shabelle region, and in the capital Mogadishu.

The U.S.’s military activities regarding Somalia began under the Bush administration in 2007, with airstrikes being conducted in the name of the war on terror. During the Obama administration, drone strikes heavily expanded, namely targeting the likes of the al-Qaida-linked militant group al-Shabab.

Following Trump’s order to withdraw troops in December of 2020, the withdrawal was reportedly completed by January 17th of 2021, three days prior to Biden entering office. At the time of the completed withdrawal, there was a small degree of concerns coming from purported experts who alleged al-Shabab was still a threat to Somalis by way of continued attacks.

However, others were championing the idea of the U.S. pulling the military out of the country, finding little reason to have boots on the ground in Somalia over a civil conflict that could arguably be managed by U.S. Naval forces if need be.

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Now, an unnamed senior administration official is claiming that Biden has approved a Pentagon plan to send U.S. troops back to the war-torn region. Per this unnamed source, the motivation to redeploy troops in the country against stems from concerns about the extremist group al-Shabab.

“Al-Shabab has taken advantage of Somali instability and fractious politics to become as I indicated al-Qaeda’s largest and wealthiest global affiliate. We have seen regrettably, clear evidence of al-Shabab’s intent and capability to target Americans in the region.”

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Many of the troops who are slated to be deployed over to Somalia will consist of troops who are already deployed overseas, according to the unnamed official. When pressed for the estimated number of troops the Biden administration will send over to the hostile region, the official claimed it would be less than “500 U.S. ground forces.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reportedly presented Biden with the proposal to reenter Somalia, which the president was said to have signed off on sometime earlier in May.

National security spokeswoman Adrienne Watson issued a statement regarding the matter, saying, “The decision to reintroduce a persistent presence was made to maximize the safety and effectiveness of our forces and enable them to provide more efficient support to our partners.”

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