WASHINGTON, DC – Earlier in May, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert took to the House floor to call out the Biden administration for having the gall to establish a de facto Ministry of Truth, while also highlighting the absurd appointment of Nina Jankowicz being the one to head such a government outfit.

“Madam Speaker, the Biden regime wants to talk disinformation. Okay. Let’s give them something to talk about. Let’s talk about how the White House said that it was Republicans that want to defund the police. Let’s talk about how Secretary Mayorkas said the southern border is closed. Let’s talk about how Joe Biden said his Build Back Better agenda cost zero American tax dollars.

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“Let’s talk about how Biden’s new press secretary falsely claimed Trump stole the 2016 presidential election. And remember Afghanistan? Let’s talk about how Joe Biden said any American who wants to come home, we’ll get you home. Well, that sounds like the words of a lying dog faced pony soldier to me.”

Rep. Boebert emphasized that the Department of Homeland Security was never fashioned as a means to dictate what is truth and what is disinformation, highlighting that the core mission of the government agency was to combat and deter terrorism.

“The American people will not have their speech monitored by corrupt career professional politicians who lie day in and day out. And now, the DHS, a militarized department has established a new disinformation governance board – or more accurately known as the Department of Propaganda. DHS was created to stop terrorism, now it’s being used to terrorize the American people.”

Outside of having earlier mentioned Biden’s distant relationship with the truth, Rep. Boebert also brought up the numerous instances where this appointed disinformation czar has herself spread disinformation.

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“And who did Mayorkas hire to run this Orwellian Ministry of Truth? This lady, Nina Jankowicz. Mayorkas calls her an expert on disinformation, probably because she tells lies all the dang time. Nina said that President Trump would embolden ISIS. Well, he defeated it. Nina said the Hunter Biden laptop from Hell was a Trump campaign product. Nina said that concerned parents who wanted a say in their children’s education were pushing disinformation. And Nina said big tech should censor the Wuhan lab leak theory because it was, you guessed it, disinformation.”

The Republican congresswoman summarized the aforementioned citations of Jankowicz promulgating disinformation as being evident that she’s ostensibly the worst person to hold a position in government where she’d be tasked with separating fact from fiction.

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“Nina doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with truth and will surely use this board to silence Americans. Nina is no public servant. How’s that you say? Don’t take it from me – here’s her words.”

Rep. Boebert produced a large graphic that quoted Jankowicz when she was performing a rendition of “My Simple Christmas Wish” where she injected the lyrics “Who do I fuck to be famous and powerful?”

“Are these the words of a public servant? ‘What do I need to do to’…well, Madam Speaker, I’ll let you read the rest of that. This doesn’t sound like someone who should be monitoring Americans’ speech. The Democrat Party has truly lost their minds – from intimidating judges at their homes, burning down pregnancy centers and vandalizing churches, to calling moms and dads domestic terrorists. And now creating this department to censor free speech because extremists are scared of what – Elon Musk?”

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