Dinesh D’Souza’s groundbreaking documentary has been called the most important documentary of our lifetimes, and if you think it ends with the 2020 Presidential Election, you’d be mistaken.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg on the 2020 election. They didn’t even go through all the data for that, let alone go down the different rabbit holes they uncovered.

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Gregg Phillips touches on the big money organizations in the video below.


Roman Balmakov: How’d you figure out the NGOs? Were you looking for them? Because you from your past experience, you knew that these were the types of actors, you know, behind the scenes? Or did you just see that a lot of people happen to go to that area? And then you kind of put the two together? How did that play out?

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Gregg Phillips: Yeah, a little bit of both. We had, somebody brought a report to me that had, you know, what they thought some suspicions about some groups, this was in Atlanta. We haven’t even gotten into Nevada yet. And there’s all manner of things being provided to us from Atlanta and really all over the country. And that was really part of it. But we also were able to, as we went, we were learning things. And frankly, just even in the last week, we’ve had people coming to us, well, hey, you need to go look at that. And you need to go look at this. And we started to kind of, we haven’t had a lot of time. But we started sort of ease into that. And began to see that there, there are patterns that are developing here that go way, way beyond just some local group that we call insurgencies, these local insurgencies. There are both international and sort of national type foundations that are, have found ways to get money in a variety of fashions into these communities. And then the community themselves, the leaders that sort of run the local insurgency, they’re the ones that kind of figure out what works in San Luis or what works in Atlanta or what works in these different areas. And, and the further we get into that, the more frightening to me that it becomes. Because we’re starting to see big money like billions, and we’re starting to see foundations that have been around for 60 years, foundations that hatched Barack Obama and that are hatching Stacey Abrams, and you know, as eye-opening as the movie is, we know so much more and while it’s going to take us time to really unpack it all. This is really just the beginning. And it’s a breathtaking scenario I think that we find ourselves in.

As Greg said, it’s the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait to see what they release next.

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Anyways, here are a few comments from the beautiful people of the internet about this little video clip…

“This is going to go so deep! It was bad in Central Texas! We need investigations. Individuals were harassed, doxxed, attacked…it’s a whole program, not just ballot trafficking. Poll watchers were kicked out. NGO fundraising all over FB. I think Fakebook worked overtime to intimidate voters and shut down successful conservative communities online. I suspect they had an online game and a ground game, and it went all the way to government agencies and certain elected officials. We need more comprehensive laws to protect citizens. Anywhere Facebook sent money needs a full investigation.”

“I fear these people might ‘commit suicide’ soon.”

“God bless you for making this film.”

You can watch the entire interview here.

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