Dr. Mike Yeadon lays into them all and doesn’t hold back one bit.


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“Dear colleagues and supporters, we declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNtech, Janssen, and AstraZeneca and their enablers willfully withheld and omitted crucial safety and effectiveness information from patients and physicians and should be immediately indicted for fraud.

We know that shortly after administration of these products, 1000’s of people have died. And although correlation isn’t causation, reasonable criteria have been applied to examine the relationship between injections and the events and is absolutely clear cut, that these are the cause of death. Mechanistically the design of these products was knowingly deficient in a number of ways. First, they caused the expression in the human body of toxic virus spike protein, unlike what they told us that it would stay in the injection site, they distribute widely around the body. There is no built-in limit to the amount of toxic spike protein that can be made or for how long it is made. And that’s the cause of the toxicity.

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Turning to the clinical trials, there is evidence of questionable practices all around. For example, several of the studies were clearly unblinded while they were ongoing, contrary to best practice. And also in a number of cases, subjects were removed from the database prior to statistical analysis in a way that is suggestive of fraud. We were given blanket assurances time and again, by all of the companies about the benign safety profile of their product. Even as the products were rolled out in the earliest weeks, they must have known this was not true.

To add insult to injury, it appears that these products provide little or no protection from the virus that they sought to protect us from. Finally, turning to the non-clinical studies, my area, the packages are hugely compromised by emissions of standard safety studies, which regardless of regulatory requirements should have been done, because they do impact human safety. Specifically, so-called ADME tox. Looking at distribution, it does leave the injection site and they told us it didn’t. They have not conducted complete regular reproductive toxicology without which they should never be given to pregnant women. The consistency of the materials being tested in toxicity tests, and even not all the components have been through toxicity testing. And finally, they cannot claim lack of anticipatory knowledge because the companies and the FDA knew that products of this type would produce many toxicities.” – Dr. Michael Yeadon

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It seems pretty clear-cut to me. These people are the reason there should be Nuremberg 2.0.

Here are a few comments from around the interwebs concerning this clip…

“…and this illegal Administration that orchestrated a coup in the United States plans on turning over American sovereignty to the World Health Organization in 10 days.”

“I never trusted the vaccine and I never took the jab either, my son was sort of forced to take it because of his job I believe he’s got two shots of the Moderno he got sick little bit but nothing too bad this is just some type of game they played with us experimental and so we need to pay for this there’s innocent people dying from the job and I was reading on a form that likes assistant living they’re forcing them take it even though they’re having bad side effects , One lady said they gave it to her while she was eating lunch that they were just sitting there and Job and everybody while they’re at lunch this is sad very sad.”

“Well the Pfizer trials that they were forced to disclose showed their experimental gene editing mRNA injections had a 3% death rate and covid has a 99.9% survival rate. Hmmmmmm. Take the shot or not. Decisions, decisions ;). Not to mention we still do not know the ingredients used or long term effects or what is really in them as it is sounding more sinister as we learn more about 5G radiation capability on these lipid nano particles in the vaccinated. Not to mention that the FDA did that slide show back in October 2020 where the skipped through some slides quickly yet internet sleuths stopped the video to see what was on those slides and it was all the side effects of these mRNA injections so the FDA already knew yet gave it their stamp of approval to go ahead. FRAUD or DEMOCIDE?”

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