CHICAGO, IL – Recently release tax forms for the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation shows that the outfit donated $200,000 to a Chicago-based nonprofit that advocates for illegal activity and whose current executive director likens police officers to “pigs.”

The hefty “cash grant” doled out to Equity and Transformation (EAT) was done during the 2021 fiscal year, which the nonprofit openly admits on their own website that the group advocates for illegal activities like piracy and prostitution, referring to these acts as being part of the “informal economy.”

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EAT claims they want to help elevate and legitimize “the diversified set of economic activities, enterprises, jobs, and workers that are not regulated or protected by the state,” offering examples of what these sorts of “diversified” contributors to the “informal economy” might look like.

“These are the bucket boys who we pass on the way to the train every day, the DVD bootlegger at your local barbershop, the person selling loose cigarettes at two for a dollar in front of the local liquor store, and the trans and cisgender commercial sex workers in our communities.”

This group even wants to develop an “Informal Workers Bill of Rights” to protect the likes of folks selling bootleg movies and their body, an endeavor that is of course unlikely to gain serious traction considering the immense illegality of the aforementioned activities.

Richard Wallace, EAT’s executive director, is of course someone who doesn’t hold police officers in the highest esteem, having once written on Twitter, “If these pigs ass cops only knew they was working class too.”

Image Credit: Twitter

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As such, it should likely come as no shock that Wallace was among those back in 2020 clamoring about how the police need to be defunded.

“We be providing the analysis for the analysis of the analysis. opposed to just saying what it is. They are hunting us and will use any excuse to up a pole and end our life. That we is why we have to defund these bastards, And take control of our community cause the won’t save us.”

Image Credit: Twitter

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Back in 2013, Wallace had reacted to Assata Shakur being placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, referring to her as being one of his “heroes.” For the sake of context, Shakur is a fugitive who escaped prison with the help of the Black Liberation Army in 1979. She was serving a sentence of 26-33 years in prison for the 1973 murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster.

“Assata Becomes First woman on FBI most wanted and Malcolm Shabazz is found dead. They want to silent our Heroes!”

Image Credit: Twitter

Considering EAT’s executive director essentially aligns with the most prominent elements associated with the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, it’s hardly surprising to see the group was one of the beneficiaries of BLM’s funding of extremist movements.

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