The mainstream Leftist Media doesn’t have a shred of respectability left. They attack any and everyone who doesn’t toe the approved narrative line. If someone steps ‘out of line,’ they want them to be censored, silenced, canceled, or banned.

One major reason for this is often overlooked: The Left’s ideas and policies can’t stand up to an open and public debate in the marketplace of ideas.

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Below is the latest narrative being pushed in the wake of the tragic shooting in Buffalo, New York. Keep in mind that the bodies of the victims are still warm.


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Joe Scarborough: Now have House Republican leaders who are putting it in Facebook ads.

Eugene Robinson: That’s the thing. That’s the thing, Joe; it’s two things. First of all, no one should call the person accused of this horrific and just unspeakable crime a lone gunman. He had backup.

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Mika Brzezinski: Yeah.

Eugene Robinson: He had backup from the killers who came before him in Charleston, in El Paso in Pittsburgh. And, and he and in New Zealand, he had that backup. And he also had backup from those who are playing footsie with this replacement theory, in order to win votes, in order to win television ratings, in order to grift the American public in a way that is just unconscionable. And who are we talking about, you know, Rev [Al Sharpton], you said we, we have enabled this. Who do you mean we? I mean, I’m going to point the finger at those who are doing it. Point the finger at people like Elise Stefanik. In, you know, who was in the Republican leadership, who used to be just a kind of normal small government, pro-business Republican, saw that was not the way to power and then when you went completely MAGA. You know, wanted the party to burn Liz Cheney at the stake for being honest about what happened on January 6, and now she’s on Facebook. She’s playing with great replacement theory and putting it out there in a way that is just unspeakable and unthinkable, but it’s happening, and it’s not just her. This is becoming part of the mainstream ideology of the Republican Party right now. And that is unacceptable, but it’s happening, and when and how is it gonna stop? Because this is going to continue. This is predictable. It’s going to continue. They’re going to be more of these.

Joe Scarborough: Yeah…

Have they forgotten about the New York Subway shooting?

Have they forgotten about the Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre?

Have they forgotten about Noah Green, a follower of the black nationalist Nation of Islam that rammed the Capitol police with a vehicle?

Have they forgotten about the Armed Black Nationalist Militia threatening to kill everything White in sight?

Have they forgotten about all the Black Lives Matter riots that they supported?

I could go on and on.

As far as the Buffalo tragedy, there are still more questions than answers…

Buffalo Mass Shooting Livestream: Alleged Manifesto & Video Leave More Questions Than Answers [VIDEO]

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