BUFFALO, NY – On the afternoon of May 14th, an 18-year-old male reportedly carried out a mass shooting at a grocery store located in Buffalo that resulted in 10 being killed and three others being injured.

Law enforcement officials and mainstream media outlets have claimed the shooter’s motive was influenced by an inherently racist ideology, whereas others suspect the incident reeks of “a standard Deep State false flag.”

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But at the center of this incident are two things that the mainstream media has not been fully sharing: A 180-page manifesto allegedly written by the shooter and a video of the shooter actively firing upon people inside the store while livestreaming to Twitch.

Red Voice Media has obtained both this alleged manifesto in its entirety as well as the unedited video that was livestreamed to Twitch before the service cut the feed off. We will be sharing both of the aforementioned in their entirety for the sake of affording our readers an opportunity to gain a firm understanding of this incident.

The incident itself occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. on May 14th at the Tops Friendly Market, with authorities identifying the alleged shooter as 18-year-old Payton Gendron. Authorities further allege Gendron had driven from Conklin, New York to carry out the shooting – which is roughly 200 miles from where the incident took place in Buffalo.

Reportedly 11 of the 13 victims shot during the incident were black.

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Looking into the manifesto that was allegedly written by Gendron prior to the mass shooting, there is a recurring theme of concerns about “white genocide” and a seemingly blatant admission to planning on carrying out the attack prior to it having occurred.

But there are some key elements that need to be addressed regarding this alleged manifesto:

  • It has not yet been confirmed
  • The particular origins of this manifesto are unclear as of this writing
  • It’s unclear how exactly it was scooped up by various mainstream media outlets seemingly within an hour of the incident
  • There are some elements of the alleged manifesto that are clearly fabrications

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The first three aspects mentioned are pretty straightforward, but the last bullet point cited can be most easily demonstrated with a picture featured in the alleged manifesto where the shooter purportedly wrote, “And my most recent self pictures are below.”

Image Credit: Alleged Manifesto

Those pictures shared are not of the alleged shooter Gendron, but that of a internet personality know as Sam Hyde, who has had a panache for online trolling now for well over a decade. Furthermore, Hyde – who has achieved meme status – has been falsely linked to numerous mass shootings in the past. Others may also recognize Hyde’s image from the debunkedGhost of Kyiv” hoax that spread early-on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

This is a photo of the alleged Buffalo shooter, where he happens to be adorning a sonnenrad (also known as Black Sun) patch – which happens to be a patch adorned by Ukraine’s Azov battalion as portrayed in the juxtaposed image. But clearly, the alleged Buffalo shooter is not Hyde – despite the fact the alleged manifesto asserts they are pictures of himself.

As such, that aspect should be heavily weighed when determining if this alleged manifesto is genuine or one ridiculously lengthy hoax espousing white supremacist rhetoric and talking points.

Link To Manifesto: Alleged Buffalo Shooter Manifesto

However, what is unsettling is the video that was reportedly live-streamed to Twitch of the shooter carrying out the attack.

In the video, the shooter can be seen driving around what appears to be a residential area for a few minutes and making the occasional stop, seemingly due to him trying to figure out where he was going. The shooter eventually pulls into the parking lot of the Tops Friendly Market, briefly parking before saying, “Just gotta go for it.”

He then pulls up to the front of the grocery store, exits the vehicle, and shoots his first victim who appears to be a white woman walking by. The shooter then immediately opens fire on three other people outside the store.

While approaching the store on foot, the shooter fires several rounds through the window and then enters – shooting two women who were on the ground. He then reloads the weapon and fires one more round into the head of one of the women shot moments earlier.

The video feed starts cutting in and out at this point, but one other person can be seen being shot by the suspect. As the shooter looks around the corner of one of the checkout aisles, a man is on the ground and screams as the suspect has his rifle pointed at him. The shooter then says, “Sorry,” to the man and walks away without shooting him. At this point, the feed was completely cut off from Twitch.

Rumble has removed the video but we were able to load the shorter version [GRAPHIC WARNING] here:

Needless to say, the incident leaves a lot of questions – especially on whether this alleged manifesto is genuine. But what is abundantly clear is that this shooting will reinvigorate discussions in Washington about topics like gun control and the ilk.

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