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Candace Owens On SCOTUS Leak: Black People Will Be Disproportionately Affected, But Not How They Say [VIDEOS]

Candace Owens joined Tucker Carlson to discuss Jen Psaki’s comments about abortion and black Americans.

She made some very significant points on the subject.


“If it wasn’t for Planned Parenthood, if it wasn’t for the abortion industry, the black population would be virtually doubled today, over 19 million black babies have been aborted since the 1973 decision. I mean, if I said to you that 97 like that, that 19 million individuals against their will, were killed, not only just killed, but in a barbaric manner were poisoned and then had each of their limbs reached, ripped out of them Limb for limb because that’s exactly what happens. Nobody wants to talk about the details of the abortion process. You will look at me and you would say can’t such a genocide, right? And yet, they don’t want to admit that. So what Yes, black people will be disproportionately affected, but it’s not going to be any amount of suffering. It’s going to be that you’re going to see more black babies being born.” – Candace Owens

The left tries to claim that the majority of people agree with their position on abortion but based on the comments I’ve seen, that simply isn’t the case.

Here are just a few of them…

“Margret Sanger would be proud of that 50% reduction of black communities’ future populations. Murdering our babies. A true tragedy these many decades!”

“Perhaps tripled or quadrupled. Six out of ten black pregnancies ended in abortion for over two consecutive decades (<90s-00s>).”

“That’s very true. Abortion mills are located near black and Latino communities. The Deep State is committed to eugenic genocidal abortion.”

“Abortion is literally Planned Genocide.”

“Abortion is murder, plain and simple.”

“Planned Parenthood has brainwashed soooooo many women!”

“Satan is the one who loves this. He has a hold on each and every person who fights for this. Thank you for posting this.”

You can watch the Full Tucker Carlson & Candace Owens segment below…

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