Among the numerous outspoken voices going against the COVID-19 agenda that has been promoted and pushed by the Biden administration, attorney Thomas Renz has continuously taken the matter of the COVID-19 drug side effects to top officials in Washington D.C. Not afraid of the backlash or criticism, Renz ripped into the Biden administration and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for knowing that the supposed vaccine was dangerous and yet went ahead and pushed it. Now with side effects being reported, it appears that all the accusations by Renz and even experts in the field of vaccinations are becoming much more than the “disinformation” the media and Democrats claimed they were. 

Posted on TikTok, as can be seen in the video below, a compilation of all of Renz’s accusations against the government, CDC, DOD, and the Biden administration were presented in a little over three minutes. Take a look. 

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Using their own data against them, Renz explained, “The document specifically says 71% of new cases are in fully vaxxed and 60% of hospitalizations are fully vaxxed. This is corruption at the highest level. The secretary of defense needs to be investigated, the CDC needs to investigate it. The Department of Defense, the Biden administration is on notice.” He added, “This DOD document shows that for at least some period of time, these people have knowingly covered up injuries and deaths. Anthony scumbag garbage murderer Fauci came out and said he wants to give this to kids under four in a three dose series.”

It should also be noted that the idea of having infants injected with the drug isn’t a conspiracy. Dr. Anthony Fauci said himself, “Trials that are being done in children from six months to 24 months and from 24 months to four years, the doses that were given to those children, reached what we call non inferiority with a more adult or adolescent population.”

Presenting all the evidence he had to hopefully expose the COVID-19 agenda, Renz admitted, “At the end of February 2021, Pfizer was required to push in a post release study. Well, that study showed over 1300 deaths in just under two to three months. We also have DoD data now. We know that this mandate that’s came down through the DoD with their forcing all the soldiers to get this, this DoD data is from the top of the line database for our military, it is indisputable. It is rock solid fit. We lie to the courts, we’re in trouble. We don’t lie to the courts. This database shows a 1000 plus percent increase in diseases of the nervous system in one year. We see a 300% increase in cancer. There’s no question that bump wasn’t there in 2020. It’s 2021. They knew that it was killing people and it was injuring people. There was no question about it. They’ve known it for well over a year.”

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