Just like the COVID-19 pandemic, the monkeypox disease has already caused several governments, including the United States, to go ahead and start making preparations as cases continue to be reported around the world. Although President Joe Biden suggested that people should be concerned, barely a day later, he was promoting a plan that included vaccines that would help stop monkeypox if it continued. While presenting any type of action is refreshing, the idea of another round of vaccines have led many to be worried about more mandates, lockdowns, and restrictions. 

The idea of more protocols and government overreach has been nothing more than speculation as of now, but during a recent CDC monkeypox briefing, the plan to use not only vaccines to fight the disease but the PCR test was presented. “The laboratory tests that are being applied to effect the monkeypox patients are actually pretty quick laboratory tests. There are PCR tests which can take a couple of hours to run. And from the time that CDC gets a specimen, we could use our monkeypox confirmatory PCR test likely the same day. We’ve been seeing a turnaround of a couple of days from the time a suspect patient might come to a doctor’s attention.”

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The female continued, “We have a good stock of vaccine, we’ve been preparing for the possibility of needing to use it for smallpox. And we have something called the Strategic National Stockpile that has invested resources and energy into making sure that we have adequate stocks of vaccines. There are two vaccines that could potentially be used to treat and prevent monkeypox in people who may have had contact with a monkey pox patient. Sorry, I should not have said treat.”

One of the vaccines mentioned was the ACAM 2000, which is a smallpox vaccine. According to the FDA site, “The vaccine is made from a virus called vaccinia, which is a ‘pox’-type virus related to smallpox but causes milder disease. ACAM2000 cannot cause smallpox; it does not contain the smallpox virus, but rather the ‘live’ vaccinia virus – not dead virus like many other vaccines. For this reason, attentively caring for the vaccination site is important to prevent the virus from spreading from the vaccination site to other parts of the body, or to other people.”

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As for any side effects to the ACAM 2000, the FDA found, “Yes, health complications can occur after receiving the vaccine, and the risk of experiencing serious side effects must be weighed against the risk of experiencing a potentially fatal smallpox infection. The vaccine may cause myocarditis and pericarditis, which are inflammation and swelling of the heart and surrounding tissues and can be very serious. Based on clinical studies, myocarditis and/or pericarditis occur in 1 in 175 adults who get the vaccine for the first time.”

It should also be noted that Brownstone Research presented data back in August of 2020 showing how 90% of the PCR Tests could be showing a “false Positive.”

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