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Child Awarded To Judge’s Donor In CPS Case: Mom Loses Grandchild In Child Auction

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Kathy Hall is an angel mother. An illegal alien killed her daughter, making her just one of the thousands of victims of our leaders’ deliberate decision to ignore our Southern border and allow anyone who wants to be here into this country, forever.

But the government’s war against Kathy Hall didn’t stop with them helping an illegal immigrant take away her daughter. The government was determined to take away her granddaughter as well.

Despite being the girl’s next of kin, Kathy was denied custody of her granddaughter.

Every step of the way has been a nightmare. She tried to get custody of her granddaughter through the court system. She played by the rules. But somehow, she never had a chance. One day while waiting for a new court date, she discovered a picture of her granddaughter celebrating her “adoption day.”

The granddaughter’s new adopted father works at WalMart as a corporate executive.

Shortly after the adoption, Kathy says she discovered a donation from that division of Walmart to the re-election campaign of the judge who oversaw the adoption. That donation amounted to $36,000. Kathy followed the only path she could think of: Going to her lawmakers.

But this story gets even more bizarre. She approached a state senator, Linda Collins Smith, who was willing to investigate the Arkansas state department of human services for corruption, mismanagement, and even child trafficking. But then, out of nowhere, Linda Collins-Smith was found murdered in her yard.

The case is bizarre. Linda’s friend later confessed to killing her, and received a 50 year sentence. But is that all there is to it?

Well, we knew we wanted to talk to Kathy for more information, and to that end she joins us now.

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