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Comedians Troll Local News In Hilarious Segments About Gas Prices & More [VIDEOS]

Along with the baby formula shortage and inflation, gas prices continue to soar over $4 a gallon. Although gas had been rising for some time before Russia decided to invade Ukraine, Americans watched as the gas prices hit record highs after the conflict started. And with Summer just around the corner, the price doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. With the Biden administration juggling several dilemmas from gas to the Southern border and COVID-19, many Americans openly mock the Biden administration and their attempts to politicize every crisis to benefit their narrative. Having watched crisis after crisis, comedian Alex Stein, who is famously known for his troll videos on YouTube, decided to poke fun at the local news by explaining how he pays for gas. 

With gas to the point of setting a new all-time high, a local news outlet ran a segment on the issue. In the video below, the anchor stated, “The national average for a gallon of regular is now $4.32. Up 18 cents from last month and one cent below the all-time high set on March 11. Fuel prices are being pushed higher by increasing demand and rising oil prices due to concern about less Russian oil entering the global market. And oil prices are expected to rise even higher when cities and China lift their COVID lockdowns.”

While the anchor was right about her facts, they decided to get the public’s perspective. The only problem, as mentioned above, they had no idea who Stein was as he declared, “These gas prices are absolutely insane. If it wasn’t for my wife’s boyfriend, Darren, I have no idea what I would be doing right now. Luckily, when he comes over, he lets me borrow his gas card so I can get out of the house and go fill up the tank and maybe get a snack.” He added, “Listen, I lost my job. I’m hurting. And every little bit of money that I have saved up is going to my gas tank. And they’re giving $40 billion to Ukraine. I wish Joe Biden would give me some of that $40 billion.”

One of the narratives presented by President Joe Biden was that rising gas prices was a small price to pay for freedom as Russia continued its Invasion into Ukraine. While the mainstream media promoted the idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin was to blame, it should be noted that back in 2016, former President Donald Trump supposedly worked with Putin to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Then again, in 2020, Hunter Biden’s laptop was deemed nothing more than Russian propaganda. Both claims have been found to be false as the laptop was authenticated, and Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, stands trial for lying to the FBI. The Democrats pushed both accusations. 

It wasn’t just Alex Stein who trolled by the White House narrative and the news as another comedian, Cassady Campbell, also took a turn. Take a look.