While SpaceX CEO Elon Musk made waves when he moved to buy Twitter for over $40 billion, the billionaire has since taken a step back as Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal posted tweets about the platform’s problem when it comes to fighting bots. Although the company claims that only five percent of the accounts are bots, Musk suggested that number was around 20%. Still, with Musk hesitant about acquiring the company, recently, Project Veritas uploaded a video showing a senior Twitter engineer admitting that many of the companies workers were “Commie as F**K” and viciously censoring the right. 

For some time now, many conservatives have accused Twitter of only censoring Republicans and supporters of Trump. Although they were once just accusations, in the video below, Siru Murugesan said, “Twitter does not believe in free speech.”  He added, “Some of my colleagues are like super left, left, left, left, left. Our jobs are at stake — he’s a capitalist, and we weren’t really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist. We’re all like Commie as f–k.”

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The senior engineer went as far as to claim they had a name for it. “‘I think it’s just like the environment like you’re there and you become like this Commie — they call it ‘Commifornia.’”

As for the wave of censorship aimed at the right, “We’re actually censoring the right and not the left. It’s true. There is bias. It is what it is today.”

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Now with Musk potentially buying the platform, Murugesan explained how the employees are in crisis mode, “stress eating,” “worried about their jobs,” and even needing to take days off. “If you’re not feeling it, you can take a few days off. People have taken months off. I basically went to work like four hours a week last quarter. And it’s just how it works in our company.”

Looking at what the future holds, the Twitter employees might be safe if Musk decided to back out of the deal due to the current bot situation. An analyst from Wedbush Securities, Dan Ives, noted, “It appears the spam/bot issue is cascading and clearly making the Twitter deal a confusing one. The bot issue at the end of the day was known by the New York City cab driver and feels more to us like the ‘dog ate the homework’ excuse to bail on the Twitter deal or talk down a lower price.”

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Users online shared their opinions, writing, “Well, this explains why a lot of tech stocks suck when they report earnings – they never make a profit, and now we know why: they’re run by communists, who work 4 hours a week, apparently.”

The full interview can be watched below.

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