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CPS Hunts Down, Terrorizes Foster Survivor: Government Trafficking Operation Weaponized For Satan

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Yesterday on this show, we warned you about the demonic and Satanic forces within our social services system. Maybe a few decades ago, child protective services was about keeping children from being physically abused. Maybe in the past, the Foster Care system was a way of nurturing and protecting children rather than hurting them.

But whatever was going on in the past, it doesn’t describe what’s happening now. Today, we have CPS workers who see their highest mission in life as abducting children away from families that won’t vaccinate them, or don’t want them propagandized into believing they should get a sex change and mutilate their bodies.

But there are a lot of other tragedies that happen, even if it doesn’t involve forced vaccines or child mutilations. Our next guest understands that well. Asia DeWitt Nicholas was raised in the foster care system from age 1 to age 18. She was constantly shifted around to homes she did not want to be in. She eventually had to go to court to get out of the foster system. But once she did that, Asia says she was repeatedly targeted by a vengeful CPS. They tried to take her son Caleigh away, and when a judge shot that down and told CPS to mind its own business, they simply tried again, and got a different judge. This judge ruled the other way, and had Asia’s son taken away. 

When Asia had her second child, Liam, CPS swooped in again and had him taken away too. Asia’s only way to escape was to move to a new state where they couldn’t reach her. Today, she has a daughter, who thanks to CPS has never known either of her siblings.

CPS and the Department of Human services told Asia that they were there to protect her and help her. Instead, they’ve done everything they can to ruin her life, and have taken away two of her children, possibly forever.

Asia DeWitt-Nicholas joins us.

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