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Richard Mack is the former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona and a leader in the Constitutional sheriffs movement, but before all that, Richard was a detective. His job was to spot the telltale signs of crime, and sniff it out to bring down the bad guys.

One of the crimes he learned to watch for was child abuse, and his experience on this front was personal. His son was divorced, and his ex-wife moved to Kentucky with their children.

CPS gave them to the mother full-time, even though there was no evidence of abuse or bad parenting on the part of his son. On at least one occasion, Sheriff Mack says, CPS held hearings removing his sons’ parental rights without even notifying him. His son’s ex-wife just accused him of abuse, and that was enough. All he got was supervised visitation, and even then, his ex-wife made ridiculous claims that he was beating the children, apparently right in front of her. It was an absurd lie, and of course on top of that the ex-wife was held in contempt of court.

Thanks to all this, Sheriff Mack hasn’t seen his grandchildren in ten years.

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Now his son is suing CPS, but the story doesn’t end there. Sheriff Mack had another grandchild, his daughter’s son in Arizona, taken away by CPS after she was coerced by a counselor to call CPS on her husband. Instead of letting Sheriff Mack and his wife take the boy, they simply threw him, a two-year-old, into a foster home.

Stories like this happen every day in America. It happens in blue states and in red states. It happens to people of every race. It happens to people who have never voted in their lives and it happens to elected officials, as we saw yesterday and as we’re seeing again today.

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It’s something that can happen to any one of us, yet you’ll almost never hear about it from the press, politicians, or even from political talk shows.

We’re changing that, here and now. Sheriff Mack joins us.

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