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We’ve been telling you about the dangers of Child Protective Services, and the threat they pose to families all across America. One reason we have another guest on this topic pretty much every day is to drive home how universal this danger is. CPS has destroyed thousands of families, and left unchecked they will destroy millions more.

Tamsen and Reggie Bowles are the parents of two children.

The Bowles’ battle with CPS started back in 2016, when they refused to vaccinate their son Nigel due to their strict opposition to all vaccines. CPS got wind of this, and intervened to force vaccination of Nigel. Today, Nigel is autistic, and the Bowles believe it is a case of vaccine-induced autism.

The story doesn’t end there. In 2020, the Bowles had both Nigel and their second child seized after CPS workers filed false affidavits claiming that their boys appeared malnourished. Sheriff’s deputies swooped in and took the boys away to a hospital, which described both the boys as perfectly healthy, other than Nigel’s autism. Since their original justification for taking the children was a lie, CPS changed its story, and said the Bowles’s were “negligent” for not following the right “protocol” of care. Specifically, the “protocol” in question was about vaccines.

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CPS continued to lie to the parents, claiming that their children were underweight, when hospital records confirm this is not true. The Bowles went to court to get their children back, but the court disregarded the evidence and ruled against them. According to the Bowles, their sworn testimony was changed and they were denied access to the transcripts. They believe their testimony was deliberately altered by CPS to keep their children away from them. The Bowles’ went broke hiring private counsel to get their children back, but CPS assigned the attorneys too late and caused their appeal to be sabotaged.

Tamsen and Reggie Bowles join us now.

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