NEW YORK CITY, NY – Video surfaced of a crazed woman belligerently yelling and then attacking another passenger aboard an NYC subway, with bystanders viewing the assault in real-time and doing nothing to help the woman being victimized by the crazed woman.

The incident reportedly occurred on May 25th, when the unidentified suspect aboard the train – who appears to be a woman – was unintelligibly shouting expletives while strutting up and down the subway car.

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The suspect then decided to take a seat in the subway car, which prompted two women who were on the same seat to move away from the unruly passenger. However, the suspect grabbed the hair of one of the women who tried to distance herself from the lunatic – pulling the victim down by her hair and forcing her back onto the seat.

Video from the incident captured the victim’s terrified state – where she was silently mouthing pleas for someone to help her. Roughly eight or more other bystanders (including the person filming) hardly even acknowledged the victim being assaulted and held against her will by the maniacal suspect.

Based upon the reactions of the other passengers at the time, or lack thereof, it was almost as if an egregious assault weren’t being carried out directly in front of them – as many just kept their heads buried in their phones or pretended not even to notice.

The closest thing to an acknowledgment that occurred as the victim was being held against her will was the person behind the camera muttering a barely audible prayer for her safety.

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After being held by her hair and forced to be seated, the attacker then stands up – with the victim’s hair still balled up in their fist – and orders her, “Get up.” The suspect then guides the victim to the rear of the subway car, shoves her into some bystanders, and begins to strut up and down the subway car some more, randomly yelling, “Shut the fuck up.”

At this point, one man asks the victim, “You know her?” The man behind the camera returns his attention to the crazed woman, who can be seen trying to kick out one of the subway car windows. Before the video ends, the unhinged suspect approaches the man filming the incident, oddly saying, “You know it’s not real.”

The NYPD confirmed they’re aware of the video and are actively investigating the incident but claim no official report has been filed regarding the matter. As of this writing, the identity of the victim and at-large suspect have not been determined. Anyone with information on the incident or the identities of those involved is urged to contact NYPD Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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