It’s been two weeks since the film 2000 Mules was released. The film was helmed by filmmaker and Trump supporter Dinesh D’Souza, who has been adamant that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from the American people. While the Biden administration quickly moved past the election, the film presented new evidence of how the election was rigged using drop boxes. The investigators were able to use cell phone data to research the movements around drop boxes and how some places were visited multiple times by the same person.

While the film has grossed over $1 million online and another $750,000 at the box office, D’Souza not only released a statement praising the efforts by everyone involved but announced that an investigation had been started. 

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Although it has been almost two years since the election took place, in the video featured below, D’Souza admitted, “A lot of times when people see the movie, they’re like Dinesh, what’s going to happen next? Are there any law enforcement authorities that are going to act on the information in the film? And it turns out that there is a new investigation. It’s a criminal investigation. It is in Yuma County, Arizona. It’s been publicly announced by the Sheriff of Yuma. And there are some reports, although I haven’t verified them, that the sheriff has already done some raids on nonprofits and stash houses in Yuma.”

While the Sheriff noted that the film in no way persuaded him to open the investigation as it has been ongoing for over a year, D’Souza suggested that it didn’t matter if he had seen the film or not. According to the filmmaker, “I just want to see some action taken by the legitimate authorities. And evidently, in other places, there’s resistance. Now, some of these places, of course, are Democratic states. I’m really not surprised to say there’s no action coming out of Michigan because the Secretary of State is hostile, the Attorney General is hostile, or Pennsylvania, where the situation is pretty much the same. In Wisconsin, there does seem to be some headway, and True the Vote actually is working less with the statewide authorities and more with individual counties. But remember, there’s a lot of jurisdiction here on the part of individual sheriffs.”

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2000 Mules might focus on the Democrats and the 2020 election, but D’Souza also noted the election in Georgia and how the entire process is corrupt. “I mean, everyone admits there has been a lot of problems in the Georgia process, and my sense of the Georgia Republican Party is that there’s a lot of division and fracturing that’s going on there, which does not bode well by the way for November.”

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