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Dark And Disturbing: What Does The Government Have In Mind For Our Children? [VIDEO]

Along with the COVID-19 agenda, the Biden administration and Democrats have taken a strong interest in the youth of tomorrow. Throughout the pandemic and even now, pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer are pushing for their COVID-19 jab to be approved for children six months old. On top of the COVID-19 restrictions on children, in Florida, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis moved to protect children not only from COVID-19 hysteria by from gender identity and sexual orientation being taught to kindergarteners to third grade. With the LGBTQ community, liberals, and the Walt Disney Company criticizing the stance, claiming it to be anti-gay, according to Catherine Fitts, the anger is a result of governments and companies turning children into sex slaves. 

Speaking with Del Bigtree of The High Wire, the host asked, “How much of this like you talk about the children? Is the government, is this all a part of it? Like, it seems like in Virginia, where the governor said, ‘parents have no right to be discussing the education of the children. Is this all a part of a concerted attempt to get involved like vaccine mandates say the parent has no choice here, we own your children, not the parents.”

Having no other way to put it, Fitts admitted children are viewed as livestock. “So this is a migration of a model from a constitutional republic, to slavery where children are livestock, and you’re free to experiment with them. If you want to try, you know, prototype moving a man to a woman or a woman to a man. In other words, you’re looking to literally assert control of them as if they’re livestock, and use them in a variety of ways. And ways which are not acceptable to parents or teachers.”

Giving an example of her own, Fitts added, “So when I’ll never forget, I had one wonderful subscriber from the Slayer Report, send me a video of two mothers in California discussing their efforts to stop the SEC education. And they very graphically showed the materials and described what had happened to their kids. And what I will tell you, the only time I’ve ever seen that material before, is when you’re grooming children to be sex slaves. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen that material before.”

For those who might not know, Fitts was once an investment banker who transitioned to be the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing under former President George H.W. Bush. On top of banking, she has also been an advocate for exposing the massive government fraud.

Users online shared Fitts’ thoughts, writing, “I fear that because we are finding out the truth, and the corruption that comes with it, they will start a massive war to cover it up because I can’t see the Dems losing big on the second term and knowing that they will go to prison and many other governments around the world. The world is full of evil! Satanic people.”