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Davos Demons: WEF Plots AI Takeover: “Enemy Of Humans Is Humans”

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It’s been two and a half years, but the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland is about to make a comeback. The 2021 meeting was canceled due to Covid, and the 2022 meeting was delayed due to the Omicron variant. But now nothing will stop the world’s political and economic elites from assembling in Davos to advance their big agenda.

Remember, these are the people who literally came up with “the Great Reset” and openly bragged about it.

 Now, Davos founder Klaus Schwab is announcing that the world can find salvation at Davos in 2022. He pointed out the problems in the world right now: War, pestilence, shortages, and soon famine, and he says that to fix them we need leaders to assemble at Davos and, naturally, submit to its decisions. He might as well put up a big sign that says “I am the False Prophet, get your free Mark of the Beast here.”

 Matt Skow is an award-winning filmmaker. He’s also been to Davos twice and is prepared to share with us what he found there.

Matt joins us.

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