WASHINGTON, DC – In arguably one of the most sensitive topics in terms of language used when discussing the matter before the world stage, Democrat House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer proclaimed that he finds it “unfortunate” that President Biden has his share of critics when we’re currently in “a time of war.”

What makes the comments seemingly so reckless is that, currently, the United States is not involved in any war.

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House Majority Leader Hoyer delivered critical remarks against House Republicans on May 13th, namely for Republicans having the wherewithal to call out President Biden and the current administration for their respective mistakes.

“Mr. Speaker, it is unfortunate that a in time of war, that we spend all the time blaming our own president. It is unfortunate that when the Europeans put themselves over the objections of numerous administrations in a place where they had dependence on Russia. Russia has no leverage over us, we don’t need Russia for energy. And, as a matter of fact, we voted overwhelmingly to stop buying any petroleum products from Russia, which I supported strongly.”

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Fox News reported that Rep. Hoyer continued with similar remarks that alluded to the United States being involved in a “war,” noting that the Democratic leader further stated, “I wish we’d get off this and really focus on the enemy. I know there’s a lot of politics here, but we’re at war. We need to produce energy.”

Needless to say, the United States is not in any formal war with any country at the time being – but it’s obvious that Rep. Hoyer is suggesting that we are in an active war with Russia. This sort of rhetoric coming from an elected official is both flagrant and careless, and can result in some serious geopolitical ramifications if it unsettles the wrong person abroad.

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When it comes to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, both state media and officials in Moscow have been quite vocal over what the potential consequences can be in the event unaffiliated countries start meddling a bit too much to their liking in the matter. This past April, Margarita Simonyan, who serves as the editor of Russia Today, alleged that Vladimir Putin would be more likely to escalate matters to a nuclear level rather than lose the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov also stated in late April that, “The risks are very significant. I do not want the danger to be artificially inflated [but] it is serious, real. It cannot be underestimated,” with respect to matters escalating to nuclear levels between the U.S. and Russia if ambiguity in communications remain ambiguous in terms of the U.S.’s involvement in the conflict.

And with Rep. Hoyer’s recent comments from the House floor, this only further complicates the situation.

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