These polling numbers from CBS News that Democrat Representative Hakeem Jeffries is responding to are likely worse than they are showing, considering the propaganda outlet’s leftist slant.

But even with that being said, they’re really bad. And for Jeffries to actually keep a straight face when he says the things he says is almost amazing to me.

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“It’s the economy, stupid.” – James Carville


Margaret Brennan: I want to get to you…

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Hakeem Jefferies: Morning.

Margaret Brennan: …on some of this poll data that you also heard here. Specifically, young people, Hispanics, and half of black Americans say the President has been too slow to react. His ratings on effectiveness are low. Perceptions of competence are low. A majority of Democrats now say the economy is bad. How does your party hold on to the majority?

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Hakeem Jefferies: I am very confident that we’ll be able to hold on to the majority. President Biden has done a very good job under incredibly difficult circumstances. I understand that the electorate, of course, is going to be unsettled, experiencing COVID fatigue, inflationary pressures, high gas prices, a war in Ukraine, and a radical extreme Republican Party that doesn’t appear to believe in democracy any longer. And so, this is a tough moment for our country. But President Biden has been very decisive in his leadership. Beginning with the American rescue plan. We rescued the economy, put shots in arms, money in pockets, kids back in school, laid the foundation for robust economic recovery that has led to more than 8 million good-paying jobs being created and unemployment at 3.6%. That’s a tremendous start. Of course, there’s more that needs to be done.

Am I the only one who finds this stooge to be completely irrational?

Of course, I’m not.

Just take a look at some of the comments surrounding this video…

“I take it they fished that one out of the NYC sewer system before putting him into that position!”

“Fortunately, the rest of the country knows better. We know it all started the first day Biden was in office and has continued to go downhill from there. Too many failures to list here, but the bottom line is most Americans believe in independence FROM government, not dependence and control of their lives BY government.”

“GOOD JOB MY A–. He CAN’T EVEN whip his own butt. He does not know where he is all the time OR WHAT HE IS EVEN SAYING.HE is an empty shell replaced by a demon with HIS black, cold dead eyes. He is a puppet downtown clown idiot brainless failure of a fake lying NOT ARE PRESIDENT MONSTER impeached along with the rest of the DEMS. DO you need to say more? LET’S GO, BRANDON……”

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