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Dem Senator Melts Down On Live TV Over Groomers Not Being Allowed To Talk To Four-Year-Old’s About Sex [VIDEO]

The Parental Rights in Education bill that was passed into law thanks to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis placed restrictions on sexual orientation and “gender identity” from being taught from children in kindergarten through third grade. While that might sound reasonable to some, the Democrats and LGBTQ+ community slammed the guidelines, falsely labeling it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. But while the bill passed weeks ago, it appears that Democrats are still visibly upset about not being able to talk to young children about sex. It should be noted that Parental Rights in Education only affects Florida, yet most of the Democratic party has spoken out against it. 

Just to give one example, in the video below, Democrat Senator Chris Murphy was speaking on Fox News Sunday when he became visibly upset about the new restriction in Florida. He said, “This effort in Florida to target gay kids in schools, I just think is mean spirited and something that I had not seen from the Republican Party.” Even after host Bret Baier interjected, suggesting the bill is only aimed at young children, Senator Murphy continued to speak against it. Take a look. 

Both Murphy and Baier would stumble over each other, trying to give their opinion on the matter, but eventually, Baier let the Senator admit, “It is sending a message to these kids, that they are not worthy, that they should be ashamed of their identification. Half of trans kids in this country have contemplated suicide, and that’s because of the effort to bully them for their identity by adults in this country. So I absolutely do think that there’s a message sent to these kids when you suggest that a conversation about their identity is somehow threatening the education of kids in our school.”

Finally, Baier asked, “Did you talk about sexual identity as a kindergartener? I mean, you don’t talk about the birds and the bees, let alone the birds and the birds at that age.”

With both already knowing the answer, the Democrat fell back on the usual talking points, adding, “So there was an amendment in the Florida Legislature to to ban sexual education in the early ages. That amendment failed because this wasn’t about trying to protect children from a discussion.”

Following in the same steps as DeSantis, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed seven education bills a month ago that banned “divisive concepts” in the classroom. 

At the time, Kemp said, “We weren’t elected by the people of this state to shy away from doing what some may call controversial.” He continued that the bill “ensures all of our state and nation’s history is taught accurately because here in Georgia, our classrooms will not be pawns of those who want to indoctrinate our kids with their partisan political agenda.”