Starting his career in science back in 1985, Dr. Brian Hooker has spent almost forty years studying chemical engineering. On top of that, he is both a biologist and chemist at Simpson University. While many might not have heard of Dr. Hooker, for the last year, he has been yet another outspoken voice when it comes to the dangers of the COVID-19 drug and the numerous side effects that have been recorded on systems like VAERS and DMED. Recently, the doctor sat down with pathologist Ryan Cole to discuss how the government is adamantly trying to cover up the side effects. 

In the video, which is featured below, Dr. Hooker noted how the patterns in diseases have changed over the last few years. “So what did I do? I talked to colleagues around the country. Are you seeing a change? Good colleague down in Texas said, Yeah, I’m seeing some odd things as well. And in addition to micro clots in the GI biopsies, he was doing, so we were all seeing odd things, in addition to an uptick of clotting conditions in the skin. So then really what you have to do is say to the government, hey, you have the big database, and we need to go by decile of life and look at each age group and say, Hey, what’s the change in all these age groups?”

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That is where the smoking gun came into play as the doctor added, “Now, the smoking gun really came when I testified at the Senate committee just this year with Senator Johnson. And at that same hearing, a whistleblower came forward with the Department of Defense medical epidemiology database, which clearly showed an uptick in cancers of all sorts, confirming what I’ve been saying all along. And then the military froze that database. And when that database froze, they changed four or five years of previous data and made it all look like it was a match. And there’s going to be some legal wranglings and investigations on this.” 

Sharing his own belief as to why the information of that database is so important, Dr. Hooker concluded, “I think this is incredibly important for all people to know what the DoD did on this one. Because it’s, I mean, it’s almost Watergate-esque. If you go back to the 2001 [through] 2015 data in certain categories, you can see that they had changed the data from 2016 to 2020 to make the 2021 data not look so bad, but they were already seeing the uptick.”

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Like many doctors who have spoken out against the COVID-19 drug, Dr. Hooker and Dr. Cole have seen a wave of backlash for presenting facts and data from the government pertaining to their supposed miracle drug. 

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