Among the numerous accusations the Democrats have hurled at former President Donald Trump, the idea that the Trump campaign worked with the Russian government to steal the election from the American people has caused the most backlash. Not only did Trump fight the accusations, but it was later revealed that the source of the claims was Michael Sussmann, who was an attorney for the Clinton campaign at the time. With the John Durham investigation exposing Sussmann, Hillary Clinton, and even the DNC, the trial of Sussmann is underway this week as Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley admitted the entire process might be fixed. 

While appearing on Fox News, as can be watched in the video below, Turley noted how the Judge presiding over the case has already overruled one of the jurors being dismissed for being biased. “This is the latest of a series of decisions by the court that has, in some ways, debilitated aspects of the prosecution. You know, the court previously ruled that Durham could not make critical linkages to the Clinton campaign during the trial. And Durham’s people were, I think, incredulous and said, ‘Well, hold it. The reason we’re saying that he hid his connection to the Clinton campaign was that this was part of an overall effort to do so.'” He added, “The court said, I’m not going to let you make those close connections. You’re not going to be able to present that to the jury. So the prosecution is starting out with some very significant limitations imposed by the court, and I don’t agree with them.”

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As for what new information has been presented over the last few days, Turley explained, “We’re learning a lot of new information about the role of the Clinton campaign and creating these collusion, allegations of spreading them, of hiding their funding. Recently, the Clinton campaign was fined by the FEC for hiding the funding of the Steele dossier and calling it legal costs through this firm. All of that is relatively new.”

No matter the outcome of the case, users online didn’t expect much to happen. “Unfortunately, this is a sideshow to make it look like the DOJ is doing “something.” Even if convicted (which I doubt), Sussman will have his law license back within days, just like clinesmith. Until we adopt/espouse the tactics of the left and become ungovernable, we lose, plain and simple.”

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Another person wrote, “Durham will never get a DC jury to convict anyone in a trial that effectively supports Trump. Couple that with a judge who’s friends with the Clintons, and what you have is a farce, not a trial that will rapidly become a travesty, not that it hasn’t already with the judge tampering with the evidence to try and protect Hillary.”

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