Although there has been no ruling to overturn Roe vs. Wade as of right now, a leaked document that has been authenticated showed a decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the ruling that made abortions legal. With the highly controversial topic still a heated debate today, after the document was leaked, Democrats appeared enraged and unhinged as the potentially historic ruling could be announced at any moment. One Democrat, screaming her opinions on the streets of D.C. was none other than Senator Elizabeth Warren. The 72-year-old not only criticized the Supreme Court but labeled it as a court of “extremists.”

While the Democrats are visibly upset about the leaked document, if the ruling was overturned, it would NOT ban abortions. It would just transfer the matter to be handled at the state level. What is interesting about this is the fact that in 1981 Joe Biden supported the idea. But now that he is in the White House and the Democrats control D.C., for now, they are presenting the document as a future where abortions are banned and women are treated as second-rate citizens. 

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As mentioned above, Senator Warren was completely unhinged about the document as she declared, “We are going to fight back”. The video of Warren’s head shaking tirade can be watched below. Take a look. 

On top of her short outburst, after somewhat composing herself, the Senator suggested, “I am angry because an extremist United States Supreme Court thinks that they impose their extremist views on all of the women in this country, and they are wrong.” She added, “We have reached the culmination of what Republicans have been fighting for decades now, and we are going to fight back.”

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Again, Senator Warren insisted that the majority of Americans don’t want abortions to be banned, which is not in the document. “We’ve heard enough from the extremists! And we’re tired of it.” 

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It should be noted that while Warren spoke on behalf of Americans, a pro-life protestor shouted back, “We don’t want to dismember children in the womb.”

On top of that, users online wrote, “The key to getting by without detection as a sociopath is when people show strong emotion, match them. That way people think you’re one of them while you ream their colon with your fist.”

Another person joked, “Watching this on mute makes me think her head will literally explode.”

One person was sure to point out the Senator’s past where she claimed she was Native American. “She lied about being a Native American until she got caught a few years ago…maybe she should be outraged over that?”

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