Like many, Thomas Renz, an attorney based out of Ohio, watched as the COVID-19 pandemic played out on the global stage. In America, he was subject to lockdowns, mask mandates, and the constant promotion of the highly controversial COVID-19 drug. While constantly opposing the government overreach surrounding the pandemic, the attorney’s call to action came when he sued the federal government for supposedly covering up side effects of the COVID-19 drug and the numbers of deaths attributed to it. Again, COVID-19 might have been his first altercation with the government, but recently, he sat down with The New American and revealed more than just the COVID-19 agenda… 

Appearing to hold nothing back, as can be seen in the video below, Renz decided to expose the World Economic Forum and the global elitists who are pushing forward with the Great Reset. The attorney warned that one of their main agendas, which has been discussed at length during the WEF’s annual meetings, was the decrease in population. “There’s been extensive writing and extensive conversations from people like Harari and others about ‘useless eaters.’ Bill Gates has talked about if we’re successful with our vaccines, we can reduce reproduction rates and make people infertile and control the population… These guys have said that one of their goals is limiting the population…”

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Renz didn’t just warn about a decrease in population, he even detailed how the Great Reset was going to be achieved by orchestrating an energy crisis, an economic collapse, and food shortage. The attorney noted that each crisis and dilemma was carefully designed to decrease the population and to bring the collapse of America. “These things are all coming together; they’re intentional, they’re planned, and it’s about creating destabilization. They want to destabilize America. They want to bring us down. America is a shining beacon of freedom. They’ve got to shut us down because if America stands, their plan is going to fail globally.”

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As for the drug that hurled him into the COVID-19 agenda, the Great Reset, and the New World Order, Renz was sure to criticize the COVID-19 jab as not a “vaccine,” but a drug used to modify a person’s DNA.  “In a petri dish, the studies showed that there’s no question that these [jabs] modify DNA. Anyone who’s being honest would agree that it’s very likely that they’re modifying DNA in living human beings.”

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While most of the claims by Renz were shocking, it should be noted that it wasn’t all placed on the Biden administration or the WEF. The attorney was sure to add former President Barack Obama into the mix, stating that he was both a Nazi sympathizer and pro-slavery. Take a look. 

The entire interview can be watched below. 

Exposing the Globalist Agenda and Crimes Against Humanity: Thomas Renz [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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