While former President Donald Trump continues to hold rallies all over the country, supporting the GOP, outlining the faults of the current administration, and continuing to detail the election fraud that took place during the 2020 election, he has yet to announce if he will run again in 2024.

Although Trump has taken a mountain of backlash from the left, the last 16 month of Joe Biden in the White House have left some calling for the return of the “MAGA king.” But while President Biden discusses another run and Trump remaining silent, it appears one person has already made up their mind when it comes to the idea of another four years of the GOP and the Trump administration – Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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On Sunday, the famed Dr. Fauci made yet another appearance on CNN. Throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic, the doctor was a regular on the network alongside the Cuomo brothers. During the interview, host Jim Acosta asked Dr. Fauci about his future at the White House if Trump were to return. “If Trump were to return to the White House as president, and COVID is still a threat or there’s some other public health emergency, would you have confidence in his ability? Would you have confidence in his ability to deal with the pandemic of this nature? Would you want to stay on your post?”

As can be seen in the video above, Dr. Fauci couldn’t help but laugh at the question before adding, “Well, no, to the second question. The first question, I think if you look at the history of what the response was during the administration, I think, you know, at best you could say it wasn’t optimal. And I think just history will speak for itself about that. I don’t need to make any further comment on that, Jim, that it’s not productive.”

The doctor might not want to work alongside Trump again, laughing about the possibility, but it should be noted that supporters of Trump weren’t upset. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “As if we needed yet another reason to elect Trump!!!” 

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Adding her voice, Kari Lake, who is an Arizona candidate endorsed by Trump, wrote, “Dr. Fauci has announced that he will NOT serve under President Trump during his second term. Well duh… it’s pretty hard to hold an official position from behind bars. #ArrestFauci.” 

Back when Joe Biden first entered the White House, Dr. Fauci welcomed him, stating, “I can tell you I take no pleasure at all in being in a situation of contradicting the president, so it was really something that you didn’t feel you could actually say something and there wouldn’t be any repercussions about it. The idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence and science is, and let the science speak—it is somewhat of a liberating feeling.”

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Red Voice Media would like to make a point of clarification on why we do not refer to any shot related to COVID-19 as a "vaccine." According to the CDC, the definition of a vaccine necessitates that said vaccine have a lasting effect of at least one year in preventing the contraction of the virus or disease it's intended to fight. Because all of the COVID-19 shots thus far available have barely offered six months of protection, and even then not absolute, Red Voice Media has made the decision hereafter to no longer refer to the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson substances as vaccinations.