During the 2020 election, the Biden campaign was having a rather difficult time when it came to the now-President Joe Biden giving speeches. There were many rallies where people criticized the Democrat and even mocked how he needed a massive teleprompter. That only escalated when he entered the White House. Now there is an entire White House set designed with green screens, teleprompters and anything else needed for Biden to attempt to speak without his many gaffes.

But before the election was over, it appeared his campaign was almost over when the laptop of Hunter Biden was found. Thankfully for the Democrats, it was deemed Russian propaganda until after the election. Although many voters know about the Hunter laptop and his drug and sex addiction, there is another member of the Biden family who misplaced a diary that could detail more dark secrets of the Biden’s. 

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Adding more scandals and accusations to the Biden administration, Ashley Biden, who is President Biden’s daughter, apparently forgot about a diary she had written while dealing with addiction. It should be noted that both Hunter and Ashley have had a past of drug issues. Still, Project Veritas tried to authenticate the diary and even contacted the Department of Justice. But as can be seen in the video below, the efforts to bury the diary and discredit Project Veritas have been relentless. 

Giving a breakdown of what has happened with the diary and DOJ, the video explained, “We’ve been fighting with the Department of Justice surrounding our investigation of allegations and Ashley Biden’s diary. The Department of Justice defended their actions in Court arguing Project Veritas is not engaged in journalism. However, we recently obtained a document from a source within the FBI revealing that when the investigation was opened, the FBI labeled us as news media directly contradicting the DOJ position.”

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Project Veritas added, “This is a landmark case of government overreach made even more egregious by its direct assault on the First Amendment line prosecutors and FBI case agents do not get to decide who is entitled to free speech rights and other protections guaranteed by the First Amendment.”

On top of the DOJ being difficult, the FBI raided the home of James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, for the theft of the diary. O’Keefe claimed, “There was no crime. The Supreme Court protects the right of a journalist to publish information, even if it’s stolen by a third party, so long as the journalist did not participate in the theft. We gave it to local law enforcement in Florida to return the property to its rightful owner, whoever that was, but we decided not to publish the diary.”

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