AUBURN, WA – Reports are circulating that certain gas station in Washington State have been reprogramming their gas pump interfaces so as to accommodate digital displays being able to showcase double-digit gas prices.

Radio host Jason Rantz appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program to discuss the ever-increasing gas prices affecting the state of Washington, where this pump reprogramming endeavor is readying gas stations to be able to navigate this matter if gas prices do indeed reach up to $10 a gallon.

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Carlson prefaced the discussion, noting that in the face of rising gas prices, Washington Governor Jay Inslee is refusing to suspend gas taxes consumers shell out at the pump.

“How are things going in Washington State tonight? Well, some gas stations they are reprogramming their price boards to accept double digits because they anticipate gasoline hitting $10 a gallon. But the governor of the state, Jay Inslee, is refusing to do anything about this. Not even suspending the gas tax for a single second because you must be punished.”

Rantz chimed in, agreeing that some gas stations within the state are getting ramped up in the event gas prices soar into the realm of double digits, additionally noting that some gas stations had been running out of gasoline in certain instances.

“There are some gas stations in the Tri Cities area out of Eastern Washington that are running out of it completely. Some of them posting signs that all they have left is diesel, sometimes it’s the unleaded, but while the supply is eventually replenished, the demand is as high as the price is.”

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Rantz shared the story of one man who is among the many suffering the impacts of rising gasoline prices, stating this individual who frequently makes trips from his home in eastern Washington to Seattle for medical treatments is having to shell out about $120 for each trip in gas.

“And it’s putting a strain on people like Kenneth Leach, Kenneth was diagnosed with leukemia. He travels from his home in eastern Washington to Seattle three times a month for medical care. And unfortunately, those trips are costing him and his wife about $120 each time.

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“So you put that on top of the high prices for everything else and it’s a struggle. Governor Jay Inslee is refusing to help. Seattle right now is inching closer to $6 a gallon for gas. One gas station, as you just mentioned, they’re reportedly reprogramming that gas pump to display to get up to $10 a gallon if it were to get that bad. And yet the governor, arguably the nation’s most economically illiterate one, refuses to pause a 49 cents [per] gallon gas tax.”

A clip featuring Governor Inslee shows him trying to explain why he couldn’t do away with the gas tax, alleging that if he were to suspend the aforementioned taxing amid soaring gas prices, then he proclaims that the “oil companies” will just mark up the prices.

“If we simply eliminate the gas tax, here’s what happens. The oil companies just increased their price up to the same pain point. And what would happen is that those 16 cents or whatever you did, instead of going into the coffers…will just go to the oil companies and their profits.”

Rantz was quick to point out following the clip that what Governor Inslee asserted is simply not the case.

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