Bill Gates is for depopulation and a eugenicist. China is a communist country currently committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims. China has also completely locked down millions in what some have called the largest prison camp in the history of the world.

This is who is funding an attempted takeover of the world under the guise of being for your health. In my opinion, the reason they’re attempting this now is because of how so many people responded to the medical tyranny during the so-called COVID pandemic. Far too many just did whatever they were told and now the globalists believe they can get away with a much larger power grab.

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It’s time to wake up and take a stand.

Mary Holland, the President and General Counsel of the Children Health Defense (CHD) chimed in on the current state of all this…


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“Look at the amendments that the US has proposed. Basically, what is on offer here is that without the consent of a country, the World Health Organization can send in its team of germ experts, declare a pandemic, and if the country doesn’t cooperate, their funding will be cut off by the IMF or the World Bank if they’re on the take in that way. But sanctions will be imposed on countries that don’t cooperate, even though the country itself may dispute that there’s actually a pandemic. And countries that go along with the World Health Organization are incentivized to do this. And we can well imagine that there could be fake pandemics given the incentives and disincentive structure. So I wish that this were a conspiracy theory, May 22nd to May 28th in Geneva right now is, the International negotiating body discussing these changes to the regulations. There will be other World Health Organization Global town halls in June, June 18th. And people should be dialing in sending in comments, but they should absolutely be going to their senators, their Congresspeople, their governors and saying, Hey, this is gonna take away your jobs, folks, there’s gonna be no national sovereignty, eventually if this goes through, but given how incompetent the WHO has been in the COVID context, do you really want these people in charge of any pandemic and they’re corrupt, and China runs it, right? It’s between China and Bill and Melinda Gates. Those are the people that run the WHO. That’s just a fact. Look at the funding.” – Mary Holland, President, and General Counsel for the Children Health Defense

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