Many people were discredited over the past couple of years for saying these exact same things. They were censored by Big Tech companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Some were even de-platformed altogether.

Big Media was also in on censoring and discrediting those who said this. But that’s no surprise as Big Pharma largely funds big Media.

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Anyways, here’s an Australian government official repeatedly stating facts that they all denied previously.


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Reporter: One of the highest transmission rates in the world, one of the highest COVID transmission rates, they were approaching 6,000 deaths so far this year. Was the decision taken that this is an acceptable number? And if not, what are you doing to stop 50 deaths from COVID a day in Australia?

Scott Morrison: Well, there’s been 7,853 deaths where people have died with COVID. In this country, there’s been 202,376 in aged care since the pandemic started. There have been 65 deaths in the last 24 hours of people who died with COVID, and 15 of those were in aged care. And every single one of these deaths from the outset of this pandemic is a terrible loss for the families of those who have been lost. Now, you will also know that as the number of case numbers has risen, and that’s what was always going to happen as part of the national plan that we put together with the states and territories, the case numbers would rise. And there was some 53,000 case numbers yesterday. And what you see when you have case numbers at that level is that people, when they pass away for many other for many other causes, they will die with COVID. And their deaths are recorded as COVID deaths. But that doesn’t necessarily mean, as the Premier’s themselves have set out, that they passed away because of COVID. That’s a very different proposition. That’s a very different proposition. And that’s also the position of the Chief Medical Officer and the other health authorities around the country.

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Did he really just say that it was all part of the plan?

The number of people buying these lying scumbag politicians’ bullshit is dwindling.

Just take a look at these comments surrounding this video confession…

“Finally, something we already knew.”

“We’ve known this many of us anyway, for 1.5 yrs.”

“They are dying because of what you forced them to put in their arm. You will have to answer to GOD!!”

“Same narrative everywhere… they are all globalist WEF snakes.”

“The pandemic that never was.”

“But not to worry, we’ll be back with another plandemic to kill the ones who survived the first set of ‘vaccines’. And thank goodness you don’t have arms to protect yourself against our tyrannical government.”

“They’re all trying to get in front of the truth that they lied about for two years.”

“Truth is coming out, and they are trying to back peddle their claims when they were calling out these as covid deaths to promote fear propaganda.”

“He has to come up with something to justify why there are covid deaths when 95% of people 16 and over are vaccinated here in Australia.”

“Exact opposite of the narrative from a year ago. These politicians make me sick. Sack them all.”

“Has one of those nodding sheilas behind him have a gun at his back? Two years later, and this f*ckstick decides to start sprouting the real facts!”

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