Almost six years after the night that appeared to change politics forever, Democrat Hillary Clinton has been persistent that the 2016 election was stolen from her. Although many focus on the 2020 election and how Joe Biden mysteriously became the most voted for President practically overnight, when former President Donald Trump won the election and even before it, the Democrats and Clinton campaign suggested that the Republican was working with the Russian government to sway the votes in his favor.

Now that Hillary’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, is standing trial for allegedly lying to the FBI about the Russian hoax, it appears the truth is coming out as the Wall Street Journal released the headline, “Hillary Clinton Did It.”

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Discussing the trial, Sussmann, and Hillary’s involvement, a panel of Fox News hosts and contributors explained the latest news. Steve Hilton, as can be seen in the video below, stated, “So here’s a headline from a Wall Street Journal editorial yesterday that kind of says it all. Hillary Clinton did it. Well, of course, that could apply to a lot of things. But in this case, it’s the Russia hoax which Hillary’s own campaign manager, Robby Mook, confirmed under oath in court on Friday was approved by her.”

Once the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Monica Crowley, chimed in, admitting, “Mrs. Clinton has been a dark menace on the political landscape for 40 years now. So the depths of her deceit and corruption know no bounds. Here you have her campaign manager blurting out in open court and in a very sort of casual way that yes, she approved, referring these lies to a reporter and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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“I think anybody with common sense understands all of this originated with Mrs. Clinton. It was all executed by Mrs. Clinton. None of these people freelanced any of this, it all came from her. And the web is incredibly wide. So good for Durham for being very methodical. It is taking a lot longer than a lot of us expect and want, but he is putting pieces of the puzzle together. And again, I think it extends beyond Mrs. Clinton, well into the Obama White House.”

Adding to the Obama theory, Hilton claimed, “One of the most interesting things that has emerged from all this, I think, is that revelation that Obama himself was told about this. I can’t remember the month but in 2016, he was told in the White House that this was all thought up by Hillary to distract from her email scandal.”

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Although the trial is exposing the Clinton campaign, Crowley criticized the justice system and its two-tier system for elites. “They’re the ones who are most guilty. And what’s so glaring and appalling about all of this is that the likelihood that any of them will be held accountable. We’ve got some of these lower level people like Michael Sussmann, and Clinesmith, who have been indicted.  But you know, we’ve had a two-tier justice system in this country where the ruling class skates. They commit all manner of crime, or if you’re on the left, whether it’s BLM or Antifa, you’ve got the left who are skating, and people like us, conservatives, we sneeze and get the book thrown out.”

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