With the COVID-19 pandemic changing not just America but the world forever, there have been efforts to give the World Health Organization power to make decisions for practically the entire world. For those who might believe that impossible, if power was given to the WHO, the countries aligned with them would help push and enforce the mandates and restrictions they put in place. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many governments expressed concerns about not being together when fighting a global virus. Again, while relinquishing a nation’s sovereignty to the World Health Organization might sound bad, it is being seriously considered. 

Discussing the idea and dangers involved, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology, explained in the video below, “One counterpoint to that is this odd document that these old rich guys why old rich white guys named Madison and Jefferson came up with called the U.S. Constitution and the subsequent Bill of Rights, which says that we will maintain national sovereignty and autonomy. But Mr. Biden seems hell bent on rewriting those rules in whatever surreptitious way he can. And I’m not even sure, I may be giving too much credit to Mr. Biden, given his recent meandering statements that are difficult to disambiguate.”

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Using past generations to help support his warning, the doctor added, “You know, there’s nothing in the Constitution that talks about pandemics and they were well aware of infectious disease outbreaks, which probably smallpox played a major role in some of the important skirmishes that occurred in a big segment of George Washington’s army. So they were very well aware of smallpox and infectious disease outbreaks. Yet, there’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution that says all this holds true except in the instance where we have an infectious disease outbreak. This is the basis for my assertion that this is truly an impeachable offense for an individual who’s sworn an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and defend it against all foreign and domestic attacks. And this is clearly a domestic attack.”

Having the mainstream media on his side, Dr. Malone noted that the Biden administration was using disinformation to support their one world government agenda. “It’s fascinating that the Biden administration is using the disinformation term that there is a treaty between the United States and the World Health Organization. That is absolutely false. That is disinformation, not even misinformation. That is a falsehood intended to provide for a political outcome, a specific political outcome. That is the definition of disinformation. It’s a falsehood intentionally propagated for political purposes. So the Biden administration is asserting that these are modifications to the treaty that we’re proposing. There is no treaty with the World Health Organization.” 

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