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Jab Victim Discharging “Biological Creatures” 30 Yr Old Reports HORROR After Moderna Shot

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When she isn’t appearing on this program, Dr. Aryiana Love is doing what she can to help the thousands, no, millions of Americans who are suffering from the effects of the shots that our medical establishment rushed out and then forced countless people to get under threat of losing their jobs.

One of Dr. Love’s patients is a young woman called Vernetta. Vernetta is just thirty years old, but right now she’s completely unable to work after receiving the Moderna shot. Vernetta believes that synthetic biological creatures have been growing inside of her. She sees them in her stool, and has been coughing and throwing them up as well. She says she feels them crawling under her skin and around in her brain.

Even worse, besides losing her ability to work, Vernetta has also been abandoned by her family, and is facing homelessness. She has a Give Send Go account which we will link below this video. Please consider helping her.

Dr. Aryiana Love joins us to discuss this in greater detail.

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