While President Joe Biden still has another two years in office before the next Presidential election, it appears his administration has already started hitting the streets of America as the President spent all of Wednesday speaking to Americans and union workers about rising inflation, his plan to stop it, and how much the Democrats have already done. At the same time, President Biden seemed to grow angry at the idea of people having to wait hours just to get some food. Yelling at the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ International Convention, Biden attempted to place all the blame on the shoulders of both former President Donald Trump and his followers, which the President deemed the MAGA crowd. 

Although President Biden has had some questionable moments during his speeches, on Wednesday, he was fired up, as can be seen in the video below. The only problem, Biden spent most of the time criticizing Trump and sharing his frustration about inflation and the food shortage crisis. While some might share his anger and frustration, many were waiting to hear some sort of plan to fix it. 

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The constant attacks on the former President and his followers didn’t stop there as Biden presented a new nickname he had for Trump. Take a look. 

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Introducing the “MAGA King,” President Biden might have wanted to place all the blame on him, but instead, the new name caught on as the MAGA crowd adopted it. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the so-called MAGA crowd has turned the tables on the Democrats. It was the mainstream media who tried to censor “F**K Joe Biden” with “Let’s Go Brandon.” Just like now, the conservatives seized the opportunity to troll the left. 

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According to President Biden, the current dilemmas facing America and the world isn’t just Trump’s fault but also due to Russian President Vladimir Putin. During his speech, Biden noted, “Right now, America is fighting on two fronts. At home, it’s inflation and rising prices. Abroad, it’s helping Ukrainians defend their democracy and feeding those who are left hungry around the world because Russian atrocities exist. And Jeff and the American farmers understand Putin’s war has … cut off critical sources of food.”

The President added, “An awful lot of people in Africa are going to starve to death because they [Ukraine] are the sole, sole supplier. Putin has warships bouncing around, preventing access to the Ukrainian ports to get this grain out, to get this wheat out.”

As for users online, they wrote, “Biden’s ultra mad and screaming ultra-loud because food shortages are happening under his watch, so he’s blaming Ultra MAGA & hoping somebody will be dumb enough to believe him.”

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