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Kari Lake Flips Abortion Narrative On It’s Head, Exposes The Distraction For What’s Really Happening [VIDEO]

While the topic around abortion heats up due to the leaked document from the Supreme Court, the outrage and protests being seen around America are over a decision that hasn’t even been made yet. Although the Supreme Court has been extremely silent on the matter, many Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Elizabeth Warren, have declared the move to make abortion a state issue an attack on women’s rights. Again, the backlash over the last few days has been extreme, but according to Republican Kari Lake, the document and debate around abortion is just a narrative to keep Americans from seeing the real truth behind the 2020 election. 

The document was leaked (and Democrats poured into the streets) around the same time a new film was shown called “2000 Mules.” In the film, investigators, using geo-tracking, were able to conclude that mules were used to fix the 2020 election. In the video below, Lake noted that the topic of abortion is just a tactic to hide people from the truth. 

In the video above, Lake noted, “I saw this coming when I heard that this information got leaked out from the Supreme Court. I think it really is a way to detract from Dinesh D’Souza’s movie 2000 mules. There’s no way that they can take what they’ve seen in this movie, and I’ve seen it now twice, and in any way try to tear it apart. The left is great, the media is great, the fake news is great at lying, misleading people. But Dinesh D’Souza, in this movie, has laid out the mules that trafficked our ballots in and funneled in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots into our election in 2020. And they’re trying to detract from that because there’s no way that they can discount what is in this movie. It is black and white.”

Lake added that the Democrats were “trying to create a situation in America where cities are burning, and people are talking about anything except the election of 2020, which was stolen. It is a shocking movie. Of course, we’ve known about it because many of us in the America First movement have been following our stolen corrupt election. This lays it out. It is despicable.”

As for her thoughts on abortion – knowing that a ruling from the Supreme Court would make abortion a state issue, Lake appeared to be fine with that. “It really should be state’s rights. Every state should decide, and if you don’t like the way the state has decided, you can vote somebody else in.”

Hoping to become the next Governor of Arizona, Lake has received a great deal of backlash for her stance on abortion, border security, and, of course, the 2020 election.