The Michael Sussman trial starts today, and Kash Patel joined Devin Nunes and Maria Bartiromo on Fox News to discuss.

Kash didn’t hold back and dropped some serious bombs on live TV.

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Maria Bartiromo: Kash. Let me turn now to this trial tomorrow of Michael Sussman. Give us your expectations and how you believe John Durham is conducting this investigation.

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Kash Patel: Hey, Maria, great to be with you and look. As a former National Security prosecutor, I think John Durham is doing the most methodical prosecution I’ve seen in recent history. And like we did when Devin and I ran the Russiagate hoax, the best way to convict a target of an investigation, especially of a crime, is with their own documentation. It’s to follow the money. John Durham followed the money and connected the Clinton campaign with the lawyers with the Fusion GPS and the FBI. But what he’s also done, just revealed last week, that he’s going to put on display are the notes from the FBI themselves. And I want to pause here, these notes were subpoenaed by Chairman Nunes, and they were withheld from us during our investigation, but John Durham found them, and what are the notes say, Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok knew, not after the Russia gate investigation began, but before it began, that it was full of lies and corruption that was paid for by the DNC and Hillary campaign. And I think John Durham is going to put that on blast for the entire world to see. And I think Michael Sussman is gonna get convicted at the epicenter of this entire hoax.

Maria Bartiromo: Wow. And what about other convictions? Kash, who else are we going to hear from?

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Kash Patel: Yeah, so look, I think you know, that Danchenko he sources indicted, FBI has already been convicted in this conspiracy. But here’s the shocking news that most of the world isn’t following in John Durham’s pleadings, he has laid out a joint venture conspiracy, those aren’t my words. Those are legal words we use as prosecutors that John Durham has placed in his pleadings. And he’s outlined the likes of Fusion GPS, the tech executive Joffe. He has said to a federal judge in open court that man is still a target of ongoing investigations, as are others in Clinton world that I believe include Jake Sullivan, the current national security adviser, Podesta, Mook, Mark Elias. Look, what he has done is what Devin was championing from the beginning, leading an investigation based on the truth and only the truth and the facts. And he has put the Clinton campaign and the FBI cabal together in Andy McCabe’s office with their own notes to go and lie to an American public, a federal court and surveil a president unlawfully, and then Andy McCabe is quoted in the notes saying, I want this Russia gate investigation to endure a year after it’s started…

Maria Bartiromo: Wow

Kash Patel: …to perpetuate the lie and the criminality of their conduct.

One thing is for sure, it’ll be interesting how this all plays out. Hopefully, there will be justice for those who have committed crimes against the people of America.

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