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Kash Patel Explains Why John Durham Appears To Be Taking So Long, And It’s Glorious [VIDEO]

Many people are getting frustrated that this is taking as long as it is, but there is a school of thought that explains why it is.

“These things take time” can often be heard when the subject comes up and that can make a lot of sense.

Hopefully, it is taking the amount of time that it is due to Durham being extremely thorough. Time will tell as it always does.

Below is what Kash Patel has to say about it…


“They expensed their rounds. And now John Durham, you have seen come in. Responding to every one of those matters along the way. And that’s what I want our audience to take pause on as a lot of people aren’t in this world. As a federal prosecutor, you don’t go out there and just issue pleading after pleading after pleading before you get to trial. You satisfy your discovery obligations, you make sure due process is satisfied. You give them evidence and discovery and exculpatory information if it exists and all like that.

But you don’t go out there and try your case in the public. And John Durham has a 30-year career prosecutor, US Attorney for a Democratic and a Republican administration. He didn’t. People were complaining, why aren’t we hearing more from John Durham? Well, because now we know why. He was working on this large-scale criminal enterprise joint venture conspiracy that he’s finally outlined to the public. But he wouldn’t even do it offensively. Right? Sussman’s guys came in and issued pleading after pleading after pleading and John Durham said okay, you asked for this information and you and I Jan Jekielek had been reporting on this information ever since.

And it’s good to educate the public that way. But I think it’s unique because that’s not normally how these types of big national security, big media press cases tend to go. As a prosecutor, you kind of want to be quiet but the defense force their hand on it. They said we’re gonna take this strategic position, and they have massively miscalculated, and it has basically convicted their client in a court of public opinion.” – Kash Patel

Is Kash right? What’s your take on it?

Below are some of the comments from around the internet on what people are saying about this clip…

“Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying itself.”

“Durham has got his hands full! Just imagine the investigation and how it would just lead to more corruption and another investigation and so on and so on. He’s tangled up examining their web of corruption and deceit.”

“Patience as methodically displayed here was the perfect approach in our anxiously instant society today, speaks volumes to see one’s approach in finding the weakness of arrogant fools…I applaud John Durham and his team, thank you, sir.”

“Screw the court of public opinion, let’s convict all of them in a court of LAW!! Hopefully, that is coming!!”

“Kash is brilliant. Sussman put the nail in his own coffin when he contradicted his own statement to the FBI that he was “not acting on behalf of a client” and then later argued they were seeking attorney-client privilege. Durham boxed them into a corner. Patience is a virtue.”

“Will this lead to arrest of the big dogs or is it just smoke & mirrors? Democrats get away with literally everything including a Coup against the President of the United States.”

“I’d rather be on our side waiting “forever” than on their side dreading what’s coming so damn slowly. It’s gotta be torture.”

“Let me give you some perspective. I am a regular criminal defense attorney. We have DWI cases that take over a year to complete. This sort of thing will take years and even when it is over we will be learning new info on how this went down for decades.”

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