Although it has almost been two years since former President Donald Trump left the White House, numerous accusations are being brought against him. On top of that, people like his chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense, Kash Patel, have also received a fair amount of backlash as the mainstream media once hurled theories about how the Trump administration was working with Russia to steal the election. That narrative has continued up till recently when former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, went on trial. But with the future of Trump still a mystery, even to the Biden administration, Patel gave a glimpse into Trump, Truth Social, and his own lawsuit against Fake News. 

Speaking on Timcast, as shown in the video below, Patel announced that he was suing the New York Times, Politico, and CNN for presenting unfounded rumors against him. “I don’t read it because I’m suing them for defamation. Them, Politico, and CNN called me Trump’s Ukraine whisper and injected me into an impeachment fiasco. And I said, ‘Okay, what’s that based on?’ Like, was there a meeting. You have a witness? And if you remember that clown, Fiona Hill came in and said, ‘Oh, Kash Patel Ukraine whisper.’ And then, under oath, in front of the world, during the impeachment trial, Fiona Hill goes, ‘well, I’ve never met Kash. We’ve never spoken. And I don’t really know him.’ Well, then how am I the guy? So I’m suing them all. Like, that’s my attempt to fix the media. We’re raising money. We’re actually suing on behalf of other American citizens who’ve been defamed.”

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As for what is happening with Trump and the claims that he might be coming back to Twitter if Elon Musk acquires it, Patel admitted there was no way the former President would reappear on Twitter. “He’s not going back on any other platform. He doesn’t want to go back on YouTube or Twitter. I don’t even know what the other ones are called. But this is going to be it, and I think it’s going to succeed. And if you look at the bots, we were talking about this the other night before, right? What Elon has done is basically proven the concept that Devin and I proved on the side of Russiagate, is Twitter suppressing free speech, and are there bots? The answer to both those questions was affirmative.”

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Patel even discussed Musk and how he used the sale to expose Twitter for mainly being infested with bots. “Elon has finally put those facts out for the mainstream media and forced them to take them on. Up to 50% bots, that’s a lot, and also the freedom of speech repression. We can’t get that kind of campaign now. But he’s proven that, and now they have to address it. They hate him for it. And now the fact that he said he’s voting Republican, I think they’re gonna come after him pretty hard. But if you can build a company on Truth Social that has 15 million, 20 million people by the end of the year or something like that, that’s a company that’s legit half as big as Twitter.”

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