Not long after the Capitol Hill incident on January 6th, the Democrats labeled the protest as a terrorist attack. Key members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that the trauma felt that day was unprecedented. She added, “I’m a survivor of sexual assault. And I haven’t told many people that in my life. But when we go through trauma, trauma compounds on each other.” While the Democrats were quick to point to blame at former President Donald Trump, not many Republicans shared that same opinion. At least, not in public. Now, over a year after the riot, the New York Times obtained an audio clipping revealing House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy not only criticizing Trump, but wanting him away from the White House.

Presenting the audio clip, CNN’s Jake Tapper, as can be seen below, stated, “We have some breaking news for you on our politics lead now. Brand new recordings being revealed for the very first time, a Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy, denouncing then President Trump in some of the harshest language we have heard from McCarthy yet. The audio comes from just two days after the January 6 Capitol insurrection during the House Republican leadership call, in which McCarthy called the President’s actions, quote, ‘atrocious and totally wrong,’ unquote, and expressed his desire to ensure a smooth transition to the Biden administration.”

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As for what McCarthy said about the former President – “Look, the president’s actions are abhorrent and completely unjustified… The inauguration is just 12 days away. There are a lot of things that need to be done in order for Biden to be successful if he is impeached in the Senate and he needs cabinet members. Putting everything else aside, this country is extremely divided.”

That wasn’t all as the Minority Leader added, “The impeachment, in my opinion, has further divided the country and will continue to do so. That is why I intend to contact Vice President Biden. Biden should meet with the president. That, however, will not be the case. There should be a smooth transition between us and Vice President Biden so that we can show that we can maintain making those statements. So I’m hoping he’ll be able to meet with Pelosi. I hope he phones me today to see if we can begin the process of forming a relationship.”

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Following the riot, Trump was not only accused of fueling the supposed violence, but he was eventually de-platformed from platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Looking at the comment section, users wrote, “McCarthy is a member of elite side of the party. He represents the establishment, not the people. President Trump, represents the people, and is a danger to everything McCarthy represents. It is time to vote out Rino swamp creatures that have turned their backs on the very people who elect them.”

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