In a recent interview on Jesse Watters’ show on Fox News, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham addressed the audio recording of him from January 6th of 2021 where he claimed that Biden could be “the best person to have” in office in light of the Capitol incident, with the Republican senator admitting he was “wrong” in his previous assertion.

Earlier in May, Red Voice Media reported on the audio revealed by New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, where Sen. Graham on January 6th, 2021, was claiming that the Capitol incident would render “a rallying effect” between Republicans and Democrats.

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“We will actually come out of this thing stronger. Moments like this reset. It’ll take a while. People will calm down. People will [say] ‘I don’t want to be associated with that.’ This is a group within a group. What this does, it’ll be a rallying effect for a while, where the country says, ‘We’re better than this.’”

Speaking with Martin as the Capitol was still actively being cleared out by authorities, the New York Times reporter asked Sen. Graham in response, “And Biden will help that, right?”

Sen. Graham assured Martin that was the case, saying, “Totally, he’ll be maybe the best person to have, right? I mean, how mad can you get at Joe Biden?”

Yet during a recent appearance on Fox News, Sen. Graham sang a different tune now that President Biden is a few months into his second year in office, admitting he was “wrong” in his previous assessment of what Biden would bring to the table.

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Watters had played the infamous audio clip for Sen. Graham during the interview, asking, “Joe Biden, the best person to have – you really believe that?”

Sen. Graham chalked up his poor assessment of Biden as being overly optimistic to a flaw for the then-incoming administration, saying his comments stemmed from being hopeful that Bide would do well in office.

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“I was wrong. You know, I’ve known Joe for 30 years. He’s a nice guy but he’s been a disaster as president. You know, this was literally happening on the day of January the 6th, and I was hoping President Biden could bring us together. Common sense tells you: You want the president to be successful. But not only has he failed to bring us together, he has made us less safe, he’s ruined our economy, all the bad guys are moving around the world.”

Sen. Graham continued to decry the failures of the current administration, noting that our presence on the world stage has diminished under Biden’s leadership and that Republicans will have their work cut out for them if able to regain the Senate and the White House.

“They didn’t do this on Trump’s watch because they were afraid of him. Nobody fears Joe Biden abroad, and at home his policies are failing. So yes, I would’ve loved him to be successful, but the truth of the matter he has not been. It’s now time to pick a new president that comes in 2024, take back the Senate in 2022, help the Ukrainians beat the Russians in Ukraine so they don’t keep going throughout Europe and rewriting the map, and try to stop China from taking Taiwan, secure out border. We’ve got a mess on our hands, but you know what? I’m optimistic – there’s no other place I’d rather live than the United States.”

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