While inflation continues to rise and baby formula harder to find, the Biden administration decided to gather with world leaders this week and discuss what they consider to be an important issue, COVID-19. Although most people have moved past the pandemic and outrageous mandates that did little to help, the White House is adamant about preparing itself for future pandemics. The Biden administration went so far as to spend billions of dollars and even tried to force the Pfizer drug on America’s workforce. But while the White House is apparently willing to spend (your money) whatever it takes, when it comes to the harmful side effects documented from the jab and the origins of the virus, President Joe Biden and his party are silent. 

In the video featured below, Dr. Ryan Cole didn’t hurl unfounded accusations about the COVID-19 drug or use his time to criticize the opposition. Instead, the doctor recalled his own experience with colleagues, coroners, and embalmers who have noticed massive blood clots, unlike anything they have seen. Take a look. 

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Detailing what they found, Dr. Cole stated,  “the embalmers noticed that when they would go to put the embalming fluid in, they would get back pressure they’d never seen before. And they started pulling out these long congealed clots. Six inches long, twelve inches long, four feet long. And I was talking to a surgeon in Florida this week, and he had pulled out several foot-long clots from a patient. I know several patients who have had, you know, long brachial clots. But obviously, we know we’re seeing increased clotting in the VAERS reporting not only from J&J, which was halted for a brief period because of the clots in the brain but also, these long clots that we’re seeing in there, you know, thousands upon thousands of clotting reports for all of the shots. And these clots are not normal clots.”

Again, using data, the doctor added, “Dr. Reisa Pretorius, in her papers, has shown that you can take the spike protein in the absence of platelets, put it into platelet-poor plasma, and cause immediate clumping of the proteins in the absence of this little cascade that we always go through to form a clot. So that spike protein in and of itself induces a highly unusual clumping of proteins in our bloodstream, and so this explains partially why we’re seeing some of these outcomes.”

As for the Biden administration, at their annual COVID-19 Summit, they were criticized for staying silent on the matter of where the virus came from. Professor Richard Ebright of Rutgers University admitted An international COVID-19 summit that does not address the origin of COVID-19 is predestined to failure. A U.S. plan for pandemic preparedness that does not include an investigation of the origin of COVID-19 and does not call for strengthening of biosafety and biosecurity oversight is a betrayal of the 1 million Americans who have died from COVID-19 and their families.”

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You can watch the entire video below…

Cancers Taking Off Like Wildfire & Vaccine Side Effects: Dr. Ryan Cole Sits Down With CHD.TV [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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