According to reports, a former aide to Trump uploaded over 120,000 emails online reportedly from Hunter Biden’s infamously abandoned laptop. The website hosting the treasure trove of emails, aptly dubbed, allows visitors to search for emails containing specific terms or simply outright download all the raw files.

The individual who uploaded the 128,785 Hunter Biden laptop emails is 26-year-old Garrett Ziegler, who had worked under Peter Navarro during the Trump administration in the president’s Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.

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Ziegler reportedly had the website established under his organization Marco Polo.

Upon visiting the website in question, viewers are greeted with the following message:

“Here are 128k emails from the Biden Laptop, which is a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue-collar crime under the patina of ‘the Delaware Way.’ Prior to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, a number of ancient languages were mere gibberish and hash marks. Similarly, the emails on the Biden Laptop illuminated previously convoluted webs of the people you see leading the charge for global governance; truly, the emails can be considered a translation tool for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering.”

The Daily Mail reported that contained within the massive email dump is none other than “the infamous ‘10 for the big guy’ message,” which has been largely speculated as an allusion to Joe Biden being the “big guy” getting a 10% cut of Hunter’s past exploits.

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However, the Daily Mail further reported that this massive email dump is short 14,603 emails that were among those previously “analyzed by cyber forensic firm Maryman & Associates” back in 2021. Still, there’s obviously a lot to digest from this data dump that now is freely accessible to anyone who so desires to check out the website.

Resting at the bottom of the homepage is also some “legalese” meant to dissuade any overzealous law enforcement figures from trying to pursue Ziegler, as the statement featured on the site explicitly points out that the contents uploaded stemmed from “abandoned property.”

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“Having seen the lengths that the FBI and other entities in the apparatus have gone to harass citizens who expose corruption, and pursuant to 18 USC § 119, Marco Polo testifies that the contents of the Biden Laptop were abandoned property. Furthermore, Marco Polo unequivocally disclaims any intention to cause any threat, intimidating action, or incitement of harm to any person covered by 18 USC § 119, and we do not condone, encourage, intend, or have any knowledge that any other person will or may use the information herein for any unlawful purpose. Marco Polo’s motive is to see justice delivered—to all criminals—by those whose responsibility it is to carry out that duty.”

The emails contained within the site are just that – simply email communications that allegedly stem from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, which means that no photos akin to the numerous embarrassing ones published in late 2020 are part of the data dump.

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